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WebHostingPad vs. JustHost

WebHostingPad vs. JustHost

Even with the market the way it is today, there are hundreds of web hosting companies providing cheap web hosting or finding their niche in managed and dedicated web hosting. Each one is trying to grab a portion of the growing market share and survive long enough to establish a sustainable customer base. But despite the hundreds of new web hosting companies, there is always the cream that rises to the top. The web hosting industry has a good top 10 or 12 companies that are consistently highly rated, and have awards thrown at them for their outstanding service. Two of these companies are WebHostingPad and JustHost.

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How do these two top 10 companies stack up side by side? Our review below takes a closer look and gives you more insight. Take our recommendation, or check them out closer to find out what you think.


Both companies offer a great plan for an extremely affordable price. If you are willing to pay for 5 years in advance you can get the absolute rock-bottom pricing of $1.99 per month with WebHostingPad. Even their 2 year plan is only $2.95 per month.

JustHost offers a regular plan for only $3.45 per month. For $6.95 per month you can get more registered domains, more multi-media support, and additional credits for search engine and social media marketing.

Products and Services

JustHost doesn’t just offer a free domain name, they offer it for life. They’ll pay your domain re-filing fee each time it is up for renewal. Both companies offer a great deal on credits to use toward search engine and social media marketing, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Both companies also offer the best control panel in the industry with cPanel software.

Addionally, WebHostingPad offers professional web design services, or use their free site builder.

Web Hosting Features

For the price you pay, you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains, and My SQL databases. Both offer a long list of software and scripting support, as well as great e-commerce features for free. Multi-media support is also available from both companies, but you’ll have to get the “Premium” plan from JustHost to get Real audio & video support.

Customer Service

Both companies offer 24 hour live technical support options. At WebHostingPad you can call, email, chat online, or even contact via Skype any time of day. JustHost also offers 24 hour live support via telephone and live chat.

Both also offer an extensive online help center with articles, news, and video tutorials. However, the JustHost help center is a little more user-friendly and offers more articles and tutorials.


Side by side these companies compare pretty closely. Both have a great price and offer an outstanding plan for the money paid. Both have outstanding customer service, but JustHost takes an edge with a better online help center. Both also have stellar guarantees. But the tipping point goes to JustHost with their free domain renewal for life as long as you remain a customer. For these reasons JustHost gets our recommendation.

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14th October 2010
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