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Top 5 Hosting Services for a Photography Website

Top 5 Hosting Services for a Photography Website

Setting up a photography website can be a lengthy and often difficult process that requires a bit of research and diligence, especially if you’re planning on doing it by yourself. You’ll need to design the website, pick a suitable template, and find a way to drive traffic to it. Aside from these tasks, you’ll also need to find a good web hosting plan that can accommodate the needs of a photography website.

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Hosting photos online is not a particularly difficult tasks, as there are many online photo hosting sites available. However it is preferable to find a web host that can host the photo’s for you, for maximum convenience. The following web hosts provide plans that are suitable for photography hosting.

#1 BlueHost

BlueHost offers unlimited server space, which lets users host as many photo’s as they’d like without compromising the performance of their website. BlueHost also offers unlimited bandwidth, which optimizes photo download speeds and provides the most enjoyable experience for the user. Users can also host unlimited domains with BlueHost, which means they can have several photography sites, all administered within the same hosting account.

BlueHost Official Site

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#2 InMotion

InMotion Web Hosting

The InMotion web hosting service provides the perfect web hosting solution for a business photographer. You get all of the features you would expect including, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server space, and incredible tech support. You’ll also receive a free domain name which means you can start selling your photo’s immediately. Since InMotion offers ecommerce solutions, photographers can make their website a photostore as well. InMotion also offers tools to help you create your own photo galleries, forums and other interesting website components.

InMotion Hosting Official Site

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#3 JustHost

JustHost Review

JustHost’s Just Plan also offers unlimited server space and Unlimited file transfer sizes, which makes adding large photos and sharing thousands of photos an easy process. Users have access to unlimited bandwidth as well, giving your site’s users the most optimal experience imaginable. You even receive a free lifetime domain with your JustHost account, which means you can setup a photography site with nothing more than a JustHost account.

JustHost Official Site

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#4 GoDaddy

Godaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy is one of the most reliable and well known hosting and domain registrar companies in the industry. Godaddy’s Unlimited plan offers unlimited file transfer, unlimited server space, and unlimited bandwidth, which means you can host as many photo’s as you’d like without slowing down the performance of your website.

GoDaddy Hosting Official Site

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#5 HostGator

Hostgator Reseller

All of HostGator’s plans include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server space, which makes them a great choice for any photographer, regardless of budget. The novice hobby photographer may just want to purchase the Hatchling plan. However a serious photographer looking to expand their business will find it optimal to purchase the Business plan, which includes a toll free number and a dedicated IP address.

HostGator Official Site

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Finding the right web hosting company for your photography site is a matter of knowing what attributes are important. Any web hosting plan that offers unlimited server space and unlimited bandwidth is a great solution. If you can find one that also offers ecommerce solutions to help you sell you photo’s online, then that is definitely optimal.

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8th March 2010
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3 Responses to “Top 5 Hosting Services for a Photography Website”

  1. Elle Jones says:

    Bluehost is my preferred choice. You can read review at

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  2. Huang Ming Wung says:

    As I am a photographer in Hong Kong myself and I used both top two companies recommended here, bluehost and justhost , justhost first and bluehost second, so I think I should give my personal review to help anyone that may considering about them.

    I must say justhost is a bit cheaper but bluehost is a far more better in uptime. If you do not serious about price difference then my vote go with bluehost over justhost as I am with bluehost for now.

    respectively, I think justhost should not be #2 or not even good enough to being listed here anyway.

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  3. mightydon says:

    First I tried godaddy, refund. Then I tried bluehost, good enough. why godaddy sucks? THEY ARE OVERRATED AND OVERPRICED!!

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