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Top 5 ecommerce Web Hosting

Posted By Web Hosting Consultant On November 16, 2008 @ 5:05 am In Best Web Hosting | 8 Comments

Top 5 ecommerce Web Hosting [1]

There is a lot that goes into running a successful e-commerce site. Choosing the right web hosting company is that first essential step. A good provider will enable you to create an online storefront that appeals to your customers, offering a number of features, a stable platform and around the clock support.

Below we have listed the top 5 e-commerce web hosting companies in the business. Each provider offers an excellent value in the terms of price, features and most importantly, customer support.

#1 IX Web Hosting


The name IX Web Hosting is synonymous with professional hosting as this company has a range of plans to suit your e-commerce needs. You can start your business for only $4.95 with the Expert Plan. This low price gets you several features including a free SSL certificate, shopping carts and access to IX Web Hosting’s merchant account. You also receive tons of extra features such as free software, an easy to use site builder and multiple email accounts. With $448 in free marketing and business tools, this plan gives you enough ammunition for a nice running start at e-commerce.

IX Web Hosting Official Site [2]

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#2 HostMonster


One of the most reliable names in the industry, HostMonster is a great place to start your
e-commerce site. All of their plans come ready for e-commerce with various features including an SSL secure server, OpenPGP encryption, password protected directories and two different shopping carts. In addition to that, you receive 100 MySQL and Postgre SQL databases respectively, shell access and the ability to host unlimited domains. HostMonster’s e-commerce solution is very affordable at only $5.95 per month.

HostMonster Official Site [4]

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#3 BlueHost


If stability is something you are concerned about, look no further than BlueHost. This company houses your site on the best equipment and assures its availability with multiple redundant systems. E-commerce hosting with BlueHost is available for only $6.95 per month. While slightly more expensive than the competitors above, this plan offers all the features needed to open an online store. For instance, you are provided with four different shopping carts, a free generated certificate and GPG encryption software. With unlimited bandwidth and disk space, BlueHost makes sure your business has the room it needs to grow.

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#4 WebHostingPad


Although only in business for a short time, WebHostingPad has experienced a fast rise to success and gained worldwide recognition for its e-commerce hosting solutions. You want features? WebHostingPad has them, offering numerous shopping cart programs, free site builders and various programming scripts. Additionally, you receive a free lifetime domain and domain privacy protection against other shared users. With $100 in advertising credits and a free professional consultation, WebHostingPad proves its dedication to helping you succeed at

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#5 ThinkHost


Not only is ThinkHost one of the most well known green hosts, but a reliable e-commerce provider as well. Powering thousands of businesses with alternative energy solutions, this company offers everything you need to make an impact on the web. The affordable price of $7.95 per month gets you free shopping cart software, SSL support and a dedicated IP address.
You also get $400 in free software and tools along with an incredible 100% uptime guarantee. When hosting with ThinkHost, you get the peace of mind of substantially reducing your carbon footprint while effectively running your online business.

ThinkHost Official Site [10]

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