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Top 5 Cloud Hosting Companies

Top 5 Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud server technology is the wave of the future, and that applies directly to web hosting server technology. Cloud computing is being proven to be faster, more secure, more reliable, and more flexible when it comes to delivering and fulfilling website requests. The largest computer-based companies like Google, Microsoft, and AT&T all use cloud computing technology, as does major online corporations like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon.

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With so many major corporations utilizing Cloud servers, why hasn’t ever web hosting company completely changed to cloud computing technology? One major barrier is the cost. But as the technology continues to develop the price will also drop so that it can be affordable to the masses.

In the meantime, there are a number of web hosts who deliver cloud server technology to their clients. Here is our top 5 list of cloud hosting companies.

#1. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Godaddy Cloud Hosting

GoDaddy doesn’t just bring reliable website domain registration, they also deliver reliable cloud server hosting powered by Apple’s enterprise-class Xserve servers. GoDaddy gives you the best-of-breed routers and servers through their cloud computing setup, all with the ease of the Mac interface and scalability. Plans start at about $90 per month for this cloud hosting technology, but includes mail services, iCal Server, Wiki Server, iChat Server, plus iPhone integration.

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Official Page

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#2. Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Rackspace Hosting is a veteran hosting company that developed and opened their Cloud Servers in 2009. Clients who like service will be thrilled at the level Rackspace provides. They are available 24/7/365 for your needs. But with their reliable and flexible cloud computing technology it is unlikely you will ever need to call. They offer a flexible and scaleable pay structure so you only pay for what you use, and grow when you need to. And with over 40,000 cloud server customers Rackspace has a leg up on the competition.

Rackspace Cloud Hosting Official Page

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#3. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 opened doors in 2010 and has since built a loyal following of thousands of cloud hosting clients that include Fortune 100 companies. Monthly pricing starts at around $28 for 2048 MB of RAM and 200 GB of storage. But their plans are very flexible, allowing you to choose your desired amount of RAM, storage, and CPU speed, and even the number of CPUs.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Official Page

#4. Eleven2 Cloud

Eleven2 Cloud Review

Our number three spot goes to Eleven2 who delivers affordable cloud hosting technology for just $12.50 per month. Not only do they deliver reliable load-balanced cloud architecture, but they guarantee their performance with a VIP premium support, and a community support forum. Eleven2 helps clients migrate existing websites to their servers for free, and they provide extensive web tools for their clients, including the simply awesome Eleven2 control panel. And if that isn’t enough, Eleven2 also offers instant scalability and instant control for your convenient.

Eleven2 Cloud Hosting Official Page

#5. ReliaCloud

ReliaCloud Hosting Review

At ReliaCloud they explain to their clients that hosting is not as simple as paying a flat fee per month. Why spend money on hosting service whether you use it or not? ReliaCloud has developed a pricing plan based on charges per hour, and starts as little as $0.05 per hour. Get more bandwidth when you need it most, and save money during your off-peak hours.

ReliaCloud Hosting Official Page

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