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Top 3 Cloud Hosting Providers for a Photography Website

The majority of successful modern photographers have their own website, which contains photo galleries and provides an accurate representation of their capabilities and accomplishments. Without a website to showcase your photography skills and career portfolio, it can be difficult to solicit new clients and/or sell existing photographs. However, to maximize conversion rates (the rate at which prospective clients convert into long-term clients), you will need to continuously expand your selection of photographs to target a broader audience. To do this, you’ll need to continuously add photographic content to your website, which will consume disk space on the web server that your website is hosted on.

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Every time someone views one of your photographs bandwidth will also be consumed, which is another important server resource. Fortunately, with the cloud hosting environment you’ll have access to an infinitely and instantly expandable hosting service that is powered by a network of linked web servers that utilize state-of-the-art load-balancing technology to maximize performance and minimize site downtime. If you want the most reliable online solution for your photography site, you’ll want to consider the following top three cloud hosting providers for a photography website.

#1. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Godaddy Cloud Hosting

GoDaddy cloud hosting earns the top spot for photography website owners because it is one of the only hosting types (and maybe the only cloud hosting service) that includes complete iPhone integration. This is especially beneficial for photographers that like to take pictures with their iPhone using professional photography iPhone apps, as these pictures can instantly be uploaded to their website via FTP directly within the iPhone interface. GoDaddy cloud hosting provides integration with the iPhone because it is also one of the only hosting types that uses the Mac OS X operating system. However, GoDaddy cloud customers are not limited to the Mac OS X interface, as all of the servers are preloaded with Apple’s Parallels technology (a virtualization software that allows you to run third-party operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, within Mac OS X).

GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud Hosting Official Page

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#2. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 dynamic cloud server provides unmatched reliability due to self-owned state-of-the-art data centers that are equipped with multiple ultra-high-speed Internet connections. 1&1 dynamic cloud server is perhaps one of the most scalable hosting types, allowing the plan holder to instantly access a seemingly unlimited amount of server resources on-demand, while only paying on a per usage basis. In essence, 1&1 dynamic cloud services give you the freedom and flexibility to start from scratch without having to assess or estimate server requirements for your photography website. This flexibility and expandability makes 1&1 dynamic cloud server one of the most enjoyable hosting services to deal with, especially for an aspiring photographer that is not experienced with web server technology.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Official Page

#3. Eleven2 Cloud

Eleven2 Cloud Review

Eleven2 cloud hosting is considered to be one of the safest, yet most affordable cloud hosting types, with plans starting at only $12.50 per month. Eleven2 makes complete nightly backups of all of their web servers on an automated basis, in order to ensure the continuity of your photography site and the integrity of all of your important photographic content. If you already have a photography website hosted with another hosting provider, you’ll be pleased to learn that Eleven2 provides free site migration assistance, free server monitoring for life, and a free DNS management and VIP premium support.

Eleven2 Cloud Hosting Official Page

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6th April 2011
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