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Top 3 Cloud Hosting Ecommerce Providers

Building a successful e-commerce business requires several undeniable attributes – diligence, financial investment capabilities, persistence, and the right tools and resources. Perhaps the most important resource needed to conduct any type of e-commerce is a powerful web hosting plan. One of the most powerful types of web hosting that has recently gained a lot of popularity is cloud hosting, which is a revolutionary hosting environment that simultaneously utilizes the resources of an entire network of web servers for maximum efficiency and performance.

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Cloud hosting also offers a unique billing structure, in which the plan holder only pays for the services that were used during the billing period. The following three companies are the top three cloud hosting for e-commerce.

#1. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Godaddy Cloud Hosting

GoDaddy offers unique cloud hosting services because their server operating systems are neither Linux nor Windows. Instead, GoDaddy is one of the only web hosting companies to offer hosting plans that are powered by the world famous Apple operating system Mac OSx. GoDaddy offers a diverse selection of plans, with costs ranging from $99 per month to $549 per month, with four main packages – Economy, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate. The Economy package offers 2 GB of random-access memory, 60 GB of disk space, and 1 TB of bandwidth allowance per month. The Deluxe package offers 4 GB of random-access memory, 120 GB of disk space, and 2 TB of bandwidth allowance per month. The Premium package offers 8 GB of random-access memory, 240 GB of disk space, and 3 TB of bandwidth per month. The Ultimate plan provides 16 GB of RAM, 480 GB of disk space, and 4 TB of monthly bandwidth allowance.

GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud Hosting Official Page

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#2. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 provides some of the most valuable deals in the cloud hosting industry, with plans starting at only $15 per month, and every plan being backed by a 24/7 Hotline and 1&1 firewall. 1&1 promises no hidden fees, as well as high-performance disk space, high bandwidth amounts, and the ability to host an multiple amount of domains within one account. Plan holders can also create and store an unlimited amount of MySQL databases and e-mail accounts. First-time customers will receive free domain registration for life and assistance with site migration and file transfers. All customers also receive free GeoTrust certified SSL certificates, and a free choices of operating system including Linux, Linux 64 bit and Windows.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Official Page

#3. Eleven2 Cloud

Eleven2 Cloud Review

Eleven2 is another company that offers exceptional cloud hosting services, with cloud hosting server resources starting at only $12.50 per month. Eleven2 offers both Linux and Windows servers, and is known for simplifying the process of instantly upgrading your web hosting capabilities by using instant scalability technology to give you access to a vast network of servers at all times. With Eleven2 cloud hosting you will never have to pay for more than what is used during each billing cycle. Thus, you’ll no longer have to estimate how much server resources you’ll need to adequately power all of your websites. If your sites are performing poorly you can upgrade instantly within the control panel of your web hosting account. Eleven2 cloud hosting also offers an additional control ability service known as Instant Control, which utilizes the same expendable concept as their cloud hosting plans.

Eleven2 Cloud Hosting Official Page

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