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Super Green Hosting vs. ThinkHost

Super Green Hosting vs. ThinkHost

Green web hosting has emerged as one of the most popular niche markets in the hosting industry. Two of the most well known hosts in this category are Super Green Hosting and ThinkHost. Both have proven to be socially responsible, powering their service off alternative energy sources such as wind and sun. Not everyone is quite sure about the power of alternative energy but the comparison between these companies will show you that green is very good.

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ThinkHost is often regarded as one of the pioneers of the green web hosting revolution. Hosting with this company has always been competitively priced and that remains the same today as service starts from $7.95 per month. While this certainly isn’t bad, it can’t match the super-low price you get with Super Green Hosting, which starts from $3.95 per month. These companies show that green hosting can be just as, if not more cost effective than traditional hosting.

Products and Services

Web hosting companies these days offer a host of other products and services that can be used to enhance the hosting experience. However, that isn’t so in the case of these two hosting companies. Super Green Hosting and ThinkHost are nearly identical in terms of their offerings. While they don’t have much to offer in terms of extra services, both companies do have a single hosting solution designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you need a personal site, blog or online storefront, these can green hosts can deliver.

Web Hosting Features

Another area in which these green hosts remain competitive is the feature department. For example, both provide you with an easy to use site builder, CMS software and your choice of shopping carts. Both also cater to developers with features such as PHP, Python and Perl. The major difference between the two is that Super Green Hosting utilizes cPanel while ThinkHost has its own custom built control panel software. Although cPanel is a bit more user-friendly, the ThinkHost version strives to meet the same goals by allowing you to manage all the vital aspects of your hosting account.

Customer Service

Super Green Hosting and ThinkHost excel at delivering great support. Both have developed comprehensive support systems that allow you to get help in a combination of ways. You can dial the toll-free phone number, contact the staff via email or send an inquiry through the support ticket system. Other means of support provided are knowledge bases, video tutorials and active user communities. Part of the reason these two hosts have been so successful is the commitment made to their customers.


Super Green Hosting and ThinkHost should be companies you check out whether you’re looking for a green or traditional web hosting solution. Both are very reliable with prices that can be afforded by almost anyone. However, Super Green Hosting is a little more affordable, so if every dollar counts, this could be the solution for you.

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1st July 2009
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