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Super Green Hosting vs. Good Avocado

Super Green Hosting vs. Good Avocado

Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado are not your average web hosting providers. Unlike most web hosts, these companies actually reduce the amount of harmful data center emissions rather than contribute to it. Leading the green web hosting charge, Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado have demonstrated the ability to deliver a reliable service. Which is right for your needs? It is our hope that this in-depth comparison will reveal the answer.

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Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado both offer affordable services with prices that are hard to beat. You can get yourself a professional hosting plan from Good Avocado for as low as $4.99 per month while service with Super Green Hosting is even cheaper at just $3.95 a month. Both solutions are powered by scalable cloud networks designed to provide you with the best in performance and availability.

Products and Services

Some web hosting companies keep things simple while others offer reseller accounts, dedicated servers, VPS and every type of service you can think of. Similar to most green web hosting providers, Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado are on the simpler side of things, both offering a single hosting plan. While their portfolio is limited in comparison to other companies on the market, the solutions they offer are robust and tailored made to satisfy a variety of different tastes.

Web Hosting Features

When it comes to features, both Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado deliver the goods. They provide you with all the basic hosting features such as unlimited email accounts, webmail and spam filtering. Both give you easy to use site builders to create your website along with advanced scripting technologies such as PHP, Perl and Python. In addition to these features, both companies provide a wealth of free open-source programs that range from blog and forum scripts to e-commerce shopping carts and content management systems. No matter who sign up with, you are sure to get several features you can put to use.

Customer Service

Super Green Hosting and Good Avocado are much more than a low price and glamorous features. These companies provide some of the best support in the industry, quick to answer the phones and respond to emails and support tickets. Both have knowledge bases with articles and essential tips while Super Green Hosting compliments its support system with video tutorials and a live chat feature. It doesn’t matter when you have a question or concern because these hosting providers step up to deliver around the clock support whenever you need it.


Choosing a web hosting company is hard enough but even more so when comparing two reliable providers. The recipients of acclaim from industry experts and customers, both have been praised for not only their commitment to providing quality hosting solutions, but their dedication to the environment as well. If you are looking for a definitive outcome here, the best advise we can give is to check out both companies to learn more about how they can meet your needs. Like thousands before you, we think you will be pleased at what you discover.

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3rd July 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting
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    The features are a very important factor to consider when choosing a web host. When you want to operate an online business, you will need your website to be up and running most of the time; downtimes can mean big losses for you. Thus, make sure that your web host is able to provide at least 99% uptime. Other features that you need to consider, too, are bandwidth, disk space, and customer support.

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