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SiteCloud VS ReliaCloud

Cloud computing is the buzz in the web hosting industry. Cloud computing utilizes load balancers, efficient and faster routers, and more reliable server configurations that make web hosting faster with less downtime due to server crashes. So if cloud hosting is the new trend why isn’t everyone doing it?

The main reason is that it is cost prohibitive. Not all web hosts have the available capital to invest in the additional technology and equipment needed to create a functional cloud computing architecture. However, a few web hosts have entered the cloud hosting arena and with good success. SiteCloud and ReliaCloud are two of those hosts who are gaining in reputation for their services. But which one should you choose for your website?

We take a look at both of these cloud hosting companies side-by-side and offer our recommendation below.


SiteCloud offers a single hosting plan for their clients that is only $4.95 per month. That is very comparable to shared hosting, and in fact has a lot of similar qualities of shared hosting features noted below.

ReliaCloud offers cloud hosting by the hour based on metered usage. Clients choose their equipment configuration including number of CPUs, RAM, disk size, software template, and bandwidth. These can change at any time during the month to accommodate heavy traffic. Typically the lowest monthly rates will be about $0.05 per hour, or about $37 per month.

Products and Services

ReliaCloud does not offer much as far as extra products or services. Their cloud hosting does come with at least one unique IP address, and clients can choose more if needed.

SiteCloud clients get the benefit of a free website builder, a free domain registration for life, marketing credits, and an availability of more than 150 scripts. SiteCloud has chosen cPanel software for their control panel, which is the top-rated and most used control panel in the industry. And the service is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

ReliaCloud customers choose their cloud server model size and operating system. Then customers are responsible for maintenance as well as provisioning their own software for website use. Generally a good use for a medium-sized or bigger business with their own IT staff who can manage the website.

The SiteCloud plan is set up for those customers who need all the help they can get from the start. The plan comes packed with features like unlimited bandwidth, hosted domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases. They get support for programming languages and easy plugins.

Customer Service

SiteCloud is ready to help customers 24 hours a day via online chat. They do offer phone support during business hours only. Additionally, they provide an online knowledgebase for those who want to look up the answer themselves.

ReliaCloud offers live online chat support as well, and they provide a similar online knowledgebase as SiteCloud, except that ReliaCloud also offers video tutorials for their clients.


ReliaCloud does have a place in the cloud hosting niche. But for those who want cloud server technology for their websites at an affordable cost with great features and support, SiteCloud is the way to go and gets our recommendation.

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9th February 2011
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