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Rackspace Cloud vs. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Rackspace Cloud vs. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Rackspace Cloud provides scalable and on-demand cloud hosting services to meet an array of dynamic computing needs including products such as robust hosting via Cloud Servers and Cloud Sites, and unlimited online file storage services using Cloud Files. Rackspace is a trustworthy provider serving over 40,000 customers from personal endeavors to managing Fortune 500 servers. GoDaddy Cloud is also a reputable web hosting provider with famous celebrity endorsements. Although some question the hype surrounding GoDaddy, the provider does offer exclusive access to Apple servers and applications. Although both web host providers offer different cloud hosting features and services, deciding among the two is based upon your hosting needs.

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Rackspace Cloud’s hosting package starts out at $149/month. The plan includes 50GB scalable storage, 500GB bandwidth, and 10,000 compute cycles per month. Add-ons are available for higher-scale applications including: disk space for 50¢/GB, bandwidth 18¢/GB and additional compute cycles for 1¢ per cycle. Additional extras include 24/7 technical support for your clients ($3.00/month/domain, SSL capabilities ($20.00), Microsoft SQL storage ($5.00/month), automated client billing ($2.00 or 4%/transaction)and domain name registration ($10.00/year).

On the other hand, GoDaddy Cloud offers several different cloud hosting plans. The Economy Plan starts at $99.99/ month accommodating up to 10 users, 2GB memory, 60GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth/month. The best valued plan is the Deluxe package for 11-25 users, 4GB of memory, 120GB of storage and 2/TB of bandwidth starting at $179.99/month. The Ultimate plan is the highest-end package accommodating an excess of 50 user, 480GB storage, 16GB memory, and 4TB/month starting at $549.99/month. Savings are applied if plans are purchased for 12-24 months when purchasing.

GoDaddy is the better value when considering the features and services provided, especially for a lower price.

Products and Services

The sole Rackspace Cloud hosting plan includes a 100% uptime, binding SLAs, top-notch data centers, and hybrid hosting available for personalized needs. Additionally, the web host offers customers a control panel which was developed by their own team of developers, so if you plan to use cPanel, prepare to pay for an enhanced package that supports the installation.

GoDaddy Cloud offers customers free set-up, bandwidth overage protection, world-class data center, excellent quality routers and servers, TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention, free SSL certificate, and over $100 worth of marketing credits. Perhaps the most appealing service is that GoDaddy Cloud exclusively offers access to the desirable Apple servers at an affordable price. cPanel is also available at an additional cost.

If you’re a Mac user, then GoDaddy Cloud offers more products and services that you’ll find useful. For others, Rackspace may prove to be the better scalable option.

Web Hosting Features

Rackspace Cloud offers a variety of services such as cloud servers, cloud sites and storage based on the service hours that you require per month with no contracts or minimum commitments. Features are based largely on personalized hosting needs and allocated budgets. GoDaddy Cloud is becoming increasingly popular because of the exclusive features it offers such as Wiki Server, iChat Server, iCal Server, Address Book Server and iPhone integration.

Again, it depends on your personal preferences whether you opt for a web host that is Mac-friendly with support for trendy applications; however, if you expect your hosting demands to grow, Rackspace Cloud is the better scalable choice as it allows you to pay for only the features you require.

Customer Support

Rackspace Cloud and GoDaddy Cloud both strive for excellence when providing customer support, offering customers 24/7 phone e-mail and live chat support. Rackspace won two 2010 National Customer Service Awards including “Front Line Customer Service Team” and “Customer Service Team of the Year”. GoDaddy also sports numerous accolades. Support is available 24/7. The web host provides a community where users can offer help to others when dealing with trouble shooting issues. Tutorials are also available.


Although both cloud hosting providers offer different services and features to meet an array of needs, our nod goes to GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud. Although Rackspace Cloud is the more scalable option, GoDaddy Cloud delivers quality and affordable services that Mac lovers appreciate.

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