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JustHost Vs Easy-CGI

When you’re ready to get your website on the world wide web, you don’t need to be hassled by the thousands of available web hosting companies vying for your business. It’s best if you have a narrower range of choices. That’s why we take a look at only the best hosting companies, and pit them side-by-side to show you which one takes the edge.

Here we look at JustHost, a newcomer to the hosting industry starting in 2008. But since then they have developed a single hosting plan that serves the needs of practically any website owner.

EasyCGI is another newcomer, but has a focus of providing a developer stage for expert web programmers, and offers a full Windows platform environment. They also offer VPS hosting on a Linux environment as well.

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Between these two hosting companies, which is the best? Read on to find out our detailed comparison and recommendation noted below.


JustHost offers a single hosting plan making their pricing structure simple. Their plan goes for an affordable $4.45 per month.

EasyCGI offers three shared plans. The Advanced X plan goes for $7.96/mo, the Advanced X2 plan is $15.96/mo, and the Advanced X4 plan is $21.56 per month. VPS plans start at $39.96 per month.

Products and Services

JustHost offers extra products right in their plan for no extra charge. That includes over $200 in marketing credits to use with Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and more. They also offer a free site builder tool, and cPanel control panel software. And they fully back their plan with an anytime money back guarantee.

EasiCGI provides domain registration for new website owners, and a plan that offers email hosting only. Their extra products extend into professional SEO services, free site builder, domain services, eCommerce services, and website management services, as well as professional scripting and web development.

Web Hosting Features

The EasyCGI plans come with varying amounts of disk space and bandwidth as follows: 350GB, 500GB, and 750GB respectively for disk space, and 3500GB, 5000GB, and 7500GB respectively for bandwidth usage each month. Each plan comes with unlimited hosted domains, but only the X4 plan has unlimited email accounts. All plans come with support for multi-media and scripting languages.

The JustHost plan is packed full of unlimited features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. They offer full support for all the popular scripting languages, and offer extra bonus scripting plugin apps for your website. They offer multi-media file support, and bring a choice of shopping cart software with eCommerce solutions.

Customer Service

JustHost if available 24 hours a day via their telephone line, online chat, or email. The provide an online help center filled with useful articles and video tutorials.

EasyCGI advertises their 24 hour support by telephone and chat as well. They bring a knowledgebase that has sufficient articles, but no tutorials or guides. But they do offer helpful outside resource links.


Based on a plan that is extremely valuable, full 24 hour support, and a full range of extra features and products, our recommendation goes to JustHost for most any general web host owner or small business.

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27th July 2011
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