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IX Web Hosting vs. Easy CGI

IX Web Hosting vs. Easy CGI

IX Web Hosting has been in the hosting business for ten years, making it one of the industry’s true survivors. Easy CGI is an up and coming provider with a pool of IT experts on its side. Both are among the most talked about on the scene due to their high quality solutions and affordable prices. Which is best capable of meeting your needs? This comparison should provide some valuable insight to base your decision.

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IX Web Hosting allows you to get your foot in the door of cyberspace with an incredibly cheap hosting plan for $3.95 per month. The catch is that this particular offering is geared towards individuals who want to host a personal site, meaning it lacks the features you need to run a business. If you desire to sell products or services online, the Unlimited Pro package would be more your speed at $7.95 per month. Easy CGI has a nice selection available, but its entry plan, Advanced X, is perfectly suited for individuals and business users alike at $7.96 per month. When it comes to value, these two are running neck and neck.

Products and Services

IX Web Hosting and Easy CGI both couple their web hosting solutions with an array of additional products and services. Easy CGI offers website management, domain name registration and services, e-commerce services, email services and marketing services. You can also upgrade resources such as bandwidth and disk space as your needs increase. IX Web Hosting offers web design, merchant accounts, SSL certificates and a website moving service. These additional offerings can end up being very useful depending on your requirements.

Web Hosting Features

IX Web Hosting and Easy CGI offer tons of great features to go along with your website. This includes an email system to manage your communications, comprehensive tools to build your site, and an easy to use control panel for your maintain your hosting account. You also receive generous amounts of disk space and bandwidth to help ensure the functionality and availability of your website. Since Easy CGI specializes in Windows hosting, you have access to unique features such as ASP.NET, the .NET Framework and the DotNetPanel CMS when opting for them.

Customer Service

After purchasing the hosting plan, you need to know that the company is going to step up to provide quality customer service and support. Rest easy because IX Web Hosting and Easy CGI excel in this department. Both are available to you around the clock, making it convenient to get help by way of phone, email or live chat. You can also submit your concerns via support ticket or refer to online documentation and video tutorials to help yourself.


IX Web Hosting and Easy CGI offer a level of diversity that enables them to meet a wide range of needs. Making a decision is hard because of their reputations, but if you need the unique power and functionality the Windows platform offers, Easy CGI is the obvious answer. If you simply need a reliable host that provides a quality service, either should suit you perfectly.

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3rd December 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting
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3 Responses to “IX Web Hosting vs. Easy CGI”

  1. ix customer says:

    IX lies about their Data transfer and storage….
    they are trying to nail me to go up to their $70/month package and they just shut down all my email/web sites and have threatened me with TOS violations. Because i’m not being fair to thier other customers.


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  2. Len says:

    We were just shutdown because we violated the terms of service at IX. We weren’t deactivated until our 4th violation, but only the first one was legitamate. Correct me if I’m wrong but “unlimited” mean without limits, right?

    Well for IX it means less than 100,000 files or 60GB or if your account spikes higher than the rest of the users on the server your sharing. Plus, I just learned that you cannot take advantage of your FTP account to just transfer files from one PC to another. All files on your account have to be used for your websites and not for other business ;(

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  3. glen says:


    * They stopped my database suddenly after few years..saying its having too many concurrent connections
    * They saying you cannot of more than 100,000 files… thats a fair use policy.
    * Their server is too slow and lots of down time..
    * Their ftp download or upload speed just suck!.. .. i have now started to get rid of them..i am moving to other host…

    Also i am going to create a HATE page for ixwebhosting so that anyone else doesn’t face the same problem.

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