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IX Web Hosting VS Aplus.NET

IX Web Hosting VS Aplus.NET

IX Web Hosting is a renowned web hosting provider that has a lot of experience in the web hosting industry, offering quality services since its inception in 1999. Aplus.NET is also a reliable web hosting provider that has been in business since 1992, first offering web hosting solutions in 1998. Although is a more established company, both web hosting providers offer a plethora of plans and services that are guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any webmaster.

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If you’re wondering which company would be best for your web hosting needs, you may find the following comparison to be quite useful.


IX Web Hosting provides 3 different hosting plans; the Expert plan, Unlimited Pro plan, and Business Plus plan. The Business Plus plan and the Unlimited Pro plan are offered for the low price of $7.95/month. Their cheapest plan is the Expert plan at only $3.95/month.

Aplus.NET offers four web hosting plans; Personal, Business, Professional, and eCommerce. Their cheapest plan is the Personal plan at only $5.95/month, followed by the Business plan at $9.95/month, the Professional plan at $19.95/month, and the eCommerce plan at $34.95/month. When it comes to affordability IX Web Hosting provides cheaper plans, however Aplus.NET offers a more variety for different needs.

Products and Services

IX Web Hosting offers less plans than Aplus.NET, however you may find their plans are worth more than those provided by Aplus.NET. The Unlimited Pro package is their premiere plan, which includes unlimited server space and bandwidth, as well as three domain name registrations, and $150 in free ad coupons. Their business package also comes with a variety of unlimited features including unlimited data transfer and sub domains, as well as $125 in free ad coupons. Other than web hosting services IX Web Hosting offers Virtual Private Server services beginning at only $29.95 per month, and SSL certificates for only $49.95 per year. Aplus.NET offers web hosting plans, web design, marketing, domain names and reseller hosting. Aplus.NET may have more to choose from, but their plans do not include any unlimited features, which leaves much to be desired in comparison to IX Web Hosting’s plans.

Web Hosting Features

As noted previously, the IX Web Hosting’s plans come with features that are unlimited, where as the features of Aplus.NET’s plans are all limited to some extent, even in their premiere packages. IX Web Hosting’s cheapest plan includes unlimited disk storage and data transfer, which cannot be said of any of Aplus.NET’s plans. All of IX Web Hosting’s plans include free ad coupons and free support, although Aplus.NET offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their products. While does not include a plan that has unlimited features, (other than the eCommerce solution which offers unlimited email accounts) they do provide free domain registration with all of their hosting plans.

Customer Service

Both of these web hosting providers offer free customer support 24/7/365, as well as three methods of contacting customer support; email support, phone support, and live chat support. Aplus.NET has been in business longer than IX Web Hosting and may be seen as the more reliable solution by some customers, however IX Web Hosting does have a solid track record of customer satisfaction as well.


After thoroughly reviewing both of these web hosting providers, our pick goes to IX Web Hosting. IX Web Hosting offers unlimited features on every plan, which cannot be said for Aplus.NET.

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