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IX Web Hosting VS 1&1 (US)

IX Web Hosting VS 1&1 (US)

Budget conscious pricing is king these days and web hosting companies are exceedingly aware of this fact. In keeping with rock bottom pricing, 1&1 and IX Web Hosting have slashed their monthly fees. Both companies offer quite a lot for the money and strive to keep their customers happy with stellar support.

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For a very limited time, 1&1 is offering three months free for three off its web hosting plans (with a twelve month agreement). This is in addition to the web hosting company’s already low pricing for it’s 1&1 Beginner hosting account ($3.99 a month).

While not offering monthly hosting fees for free, IX Web Hosting has slashed its prices by as much as $5.00. Their Expert plan is offered at $3.95 a month and their Business Plus and Unlimited Pro plans are only $7.95 a month.

Products and Services

Catering more to an e-commerce crowd, IX Web Hosting offers money-back guaranteed SSL certificates at $49.95 a year and merchant accounts completely set up with credit card processing and a payment gateway service. For more information regarding IX Web Hosting’s merchant accounts, contact the company directly for a quote. For those needing web design services, IX Web Hosting offers this service as well. Web design packages start out at $699 and cap out at $1999.

1&1 goes beyond simple web hosting and offers dedicated and VPS (virtual private server) accounts. The company is offering seven different dedicated server plans ranging in price, five plans are participating in the three months at $0 special.

Web Hosting Features

1&1 web hosting accounts come with a minimum of 10 gigabytes of web space, unlimited monthly bandwidth allowances and at least one hosted domain allowed on each account. All web hosting accounts come with the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder, the 1&1 Photo Gallery and $75 in credits to be used at Google, Yahoo and Citysearch.

Unlimited is the word with IX Web Hosting plans. Web space, hosted domains, and bandwidth are all available in unlimited quantities. Accounts are preset with PHP5, CGI/Perl and Ruby on Rails for those with specific scripting needs. Web hosting account owners can choose from two different database programs and are given a corresponding administration program to work with any created databases.

Customer Service

Extensive FAQs, knowledge bases, and tutorials are a large part of what makes the support at both 1&1 and IX Web Hosting superior. Both web hosting companies also do not limit support at just what can be found online. Live chat is available at IX Web Hosting and Netviewer (live support on your own desktop controlled by support operators) is offered at 1&1. Both companies also offer toll-free phone support 24×7.


For the money, both IX Web Hosting and 1&1 offer quite a lot. However, if one is looking for an initial great deal and isn’t concerned with having a long-term hosting contract, 1&1 is definitely the way to go.

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