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iPage VS Yahoo

iPage VS Yahoo

Yahoo! has been one of the internet software giants since the time when the internet was in its infancy stage. Since its inception, Yahoo! has offered trustworthy search service, as well as a host of additional services for its customers, including web hosting starting in 2002. With the explosive growth of the websites in the 21st century, it was no wonder that they joined the industry with their own version of a hosting product.

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iPage hasn’t been around as long as Yahoo!, but they do have more experience in the web hosting business opening their doors in 1998. iPage offers a single hosting package that meets the needs of practically any budget, web developer key elements, and great customer service. So how to these two stack up together? Here is our comparison.


iPage has dropped their price to beat the competition. For only $3.50 per month you can enjoy a great hosting with a 12, 24, or 36 month plan. Yahoo! offers only up to 12 months in advance with a price of $7.46/mo for the first three months, and $9.95 each month thereafter.

Products and Services

As it has with all other aspects of its business, Yahoo! offers great products along with their web hosting. They offer a free domain registration, site design tools, complete reliability in their systems with a 99.9% uptime promise, and marketing help with site submission to major search engines, and $100 in credits to their own search marketing as well as $50 toward Google Adwords. If you want additional help building a website you can purchase website design services from Yahoo! for a great-looking and SEO friendly site.

iPage offers nearly the exact same for their customers. You get a free domain, site building tools, marketing credits and directory submission. iPage does not, however, offer a 99.9% uptime, nor offer web design for additional fees. What iPage does offer that Yahoo! does not is a Green Certification for your website since they purchase 100% wind energy credits.

Web Hosting Features

Both the iPage and Yahoo! plans come with unlimited disk space and data transfer. The iPage plan comes with an additional “unlimited” list including MySQL databases, hosted domains, and email accounts. The Yahoo! plan allows only 1000 email accounts, and supports MySQL. Both plans will give you great support for multi-media, tracking and reporting tools, and script support.

As far as e-commerce, you get free shopping cart software with the iPage plan, but with Yahoo! you need to purchase an “Ecommerce” plan starting at $39.95/mo up to $299.95/mo. However, small businesses that conducts a large amount of online business may find the price is worth the help on product inventory management, merchandising and promotions, advanced shopping cart solutions, payment processing, and order management.

Customer Service

Both iPage and Yahoo! have dependable service with 24 hour availability via telephone. Plus they both offer an extensive online help section with video tutorials, articles, and FAQs.


The Yahoo! brand is certainly dependable. With that said, their basic web hosting product is priced above the industry average and comes up short on features compared to the iPage plan. For a lot more money you can get better e-commerce features, but be prepared to have an extensive online business in need of such support. The iPage plan comes with practically everything you need all for just $3.50 per month. For that, iPage gets our recommendation.

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