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iPage VS StartLogic

iPage VS StartLogic

StartLogic is a web hosting company that started with the notion of understanding of customer needs. Not only understanding the needs, but coming through with service that prioritizes the needs of their customers and exceeding expectations. The folks at StartLogic believe that “satisfied customers are the result of providing prompt, dependable and worthwhile service.”

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iPage also serves the web hosting industry with a philosophy and focus of their customers’ websites, their email, and online security. They believe that if these three elements are met customers will have a great website with great communication, and all of it safe and secure.

Both companies have affordable plans with similar prices, with StartLogic having a little more variety for their customers. Here is how they compare side by side.


Both iPage and StartLogic have plans that compare in price. IPage offers only a single plan for $3.50 through their “special offer.” However, this price has been stable for some time and is likely a permanent price to keep up with competition.

StartLogic has shared server hosting plans for the “Personal”, “Pro”, or the “Windows” customer for $3.95, $5.95, and $8.95 per month respectively.

Products and Services

Both hosting companies provide extra help for their customers to get their websites built and promoted on the web. Both provide a free site builder for creating your first website. Both companies also provide new customers with a free domain registration. In addition, both also offer credits to use with major search engine promotion, marketing guides, and a directory listing.

StartLogic does provide a few extra services, for an extra price, of course. These services include custom SEO strategies, website traffic analysis, keyword submission, and link partnering. A lot of the things that help make websites get noticed with today’s technology.

Web Hosting Features

The StartLogic Personal Plan comes with 60 GB of disk space and 600 GB of bandwidth per month, but has unlimited email accounts. This plan is designed for a smaller business or personal account with fewer traffic needs.

The StartLogic Pro Plan matches up with the iPage plan the best and is only a $1.50 a month difference in price. Both come with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email, and domains. The iPage plan gives you unlimited MySQL databases as well. The plans have ample amounts of script and software support, site builders, multi-media support, and choice of free shopping cart software.

StartLogic also offers their Windows Plan with support for Windows-based web developers who use software such as ASP.NET. this comes with 100 GB of space and 1,000 GB of transfer, plus a host of software support for windows platforms.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority for both companies. They offer 24/7 call support as well as lots of online help through knowledgebase articles, tutorials, and FAQs.


With two companies that line up almost identical side by side the recommendation has to come down to experience and guarantees. StartLogic does have great experience with over 100,000 customers, and a 30 day money back guarantee. However, iPage has been a leader in the industry for over 10 years hosting over 1 million websites, and has an anytime guarantee. The edge goes to iPage who gets our recommendation.

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15th August 2010
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One Response to “iPage VS StartLogic”

  1. Bruce Burnell says:

    I noticed that performance and reliability were not part of the criteria you included in your review. And the comments about customer service sound more like a press release than a review based upon any investigation. Is there are reason for that?
    As a customer of Startlogic for a number of years, I can tell you that this year is my last. Performace and uptime have steadily declined. I was willing to trade the poor customer service for the price, as long as the site was mostly up, but that has become less and less the case. So as I begin my quest for a new, reliable host, performance are reliability are things I want to hear about.

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