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iPage VS Powweb

iPage VS Powweb

Back during the boom of the dot-com era in the late 1990s, both Powweb and iPage emerged as new hosting companies joining the fray of this fast-growing industry. iPage was formed in 1998 while Powweb soon followed in 1999. Thus, both of these experienced web hosts have had a neck-and-neck competition since their formation. Both hosting companies offer a single web hosting plan that is very affordable and has plenty of features to make any novice or experienced web developer happy. Therefore, this comparison will go down to the “extras” offered by each company.

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With regards to pricing, both companies have a great price for a single plan. IPage offers their single plan for $3.50/mo while Powweb’s plan is just $3.88/mo. Both prices are “special” lowered discounts from $6.95/mo and $7.77/mo respectively, but with the tough competition for cheap web hosting, these are likely permanent prices. Both are tough to beat, especially with both hosts offering a free domain registration for new customers.

Products and Services

Web hosting is a basic service, but many website owners choose a host based on the extra services and products offered by a company. Both iPage and Powweb offer extra services that help give a website that extra punch.

IPage has free website building tools for their customers, including drag-and-drop builders and templates. As well, iPage offers a $250 value “marketing suite” complete with advertising credits with major search engines and Facebook, plus directory list submission on

Powweb also offers marketing services like a $50 credit to Google Adwords. For extra fees, Powweb also offers promotional services such as search engine optimization help, email marketing, reputation management, local directory submission, and even a logo maker.

Web Hosting Features

Both companies offer their web hosting plans with unlimited disk space, data transfer, and emails. IPage comes with unlimited MySQL databases and hosted domains. Both plans come with FrontPage extensions for those using this sitebuilding software, and CGI scripting support. IPage takes an edge with extra support for hosting utilities and supported software and scripts. Both come ready with e-commerce solutions, but iPage gives their customers three choices of free shopping carts. Both come with multi-media support.

Customer Service

Both iPage and Powweb offer 24 hour support via telephone, email, or live chat. And both have plenty of online self-help with extensive knowledgebases, FAQs, and tutorials. Powweb does offer their client their own community forum where they can talk amongst themselves and offer help to each other.


Comparing great web hosts like iPage and Powweb is like comparing an apple to an apple. It really comes down to the features, service, and extras offered by each company. While Powweb offers lots of “extra” services, they do come at a cost. iPage offers plenty of free promotional services in their package. And their hosting plan comes with more scripting and software support. So the edge goes to iPage for our recommendation.

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9th August 2010
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