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iPage VS Codero

The web hosting industry is filled with hundreds of newcomers and old dogs who try to offer everything to everybody. While offering a wide selection of web hosting products and services may be ok, conventional wisdom always says that a company should specialize in a niche in order to stand apart and succeed.

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Both iPage and Codero have set themselves apart with innovative web hosting plans. IPage has found a niche in the shared-server market offering a single, feature-rich plan for a very low price. Codero, on the other hand, has their niche based on offering strictly dedicated server hosting. Both have their place in the market. Comparing these two may be challenging since they both cater to completely separate markets, but you can read on to get a good idea of what each offers.


Shared server hosting was developed to save money for customers. Cheap web hosting is important for personal and small business websites. The iPage hosting plan fits that bill for only $3.50 per month. The Codero dedicated hosting structure is based on the type of web server a customer chooses, and the platforms they use to manage their server. Dedicated hosting plans start at just $100 per month.

Products and Services

In addition to offering hosting plans, both iPage and Codero have developed a large list of extra products and services for their customers. IPage offers free domain registration, a free website builder, and over $125 in advertising credits and a marketing promotional package. Their additional paid services include website management tools, email services, marketing services, e-commerce services, and other account script and add-ons.

To help their customers, Codero also offers managed hosting services, data backup services, firewall services, network and security services, and server access tools. Small or medium-sized businesses can rejoice in additional email hosting or e-commerce hosting services.

Web Hosting Features

Comparing dedicated hosting plans to shared-server hosting plans is like comparing an apple to a head of lettuce. They just aren’t the same. But here is what you get with each:

The iPage shared-server hosting plan comes with unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. IPage offers plenty of scripting support for a variety of developer scripts, as well as multi-media support for video, audio, and photo gallery images. The plan is backed with an anytime guarantee so clients can cancel their plan whenever they are not completely satisfied.

The Codero dedicated server hosting structure has plenty of choices in hardware, operating systems, and software support. With a dedicated plan, users can generally download any software to use with their website, and customers can choose a Windows-based platform for advanced web development. Codero also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all their servers.

Customer Service

Both Codero and iPage have technical agents available by phone 24 hours a day, as well as real-time online chat. Both also offer a complete online knowledgebase filled with lots of articles to answer almost any question.


For absolute simplicity for almost any size business the iPage shared-server plan is one of the most affordable and complete plans on the market and receives our recommendation since it serves a wider range of customers. But if you are looking for advanced dedicated server hosting, Codero is a good choice to consider.

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