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iPage VS BlueHost

iPage VS BlueHost

From a business website owner’s point of view, choosing a web host between iPage and Bluehost is like putting two heavyweights into the ring for a championship fight. These two accomplished web hosting companies have both been serving the web community since before the dot-com boom and bust, with BlueHost in business since 1996, and iPage joining the industry in 1998.

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Both hosts offer loads of features that makes any web developer’s mouth water. Here is a rundown on the specifics:


BlueHost’s web hosting plan is just $6.95 per month, while iPage offers their plan for a “special” $3.50 per month (down from $6.95/mo). As far as great pricing goes, it’s hard to beat these near rock-bottom prices, especially when you consider the features you get.

Products and Services

IPage doesn’t just stop at web hosting. They offer plenty of other “extras” to help customers owners get their web sites off the ground and promoted on the internet. They offer tools to help design and build your site like a free drag and drop website builder or a free template website builder. They’ll even help you get your blog set up through an easy wizard. IPage will also help get your site recognized on the web with $125 in advertising credits for major search engines.

BlueHost is a little more skimpy on the extra products and services. They will help register your new domain for free, and offer free search engine submission for your site.

Web Hosting Features

As far as features goes, both companies pack a large punch for a single web hosting plan. Both offer unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, email accounts, and domains allowed. IPage offers great web design and building features, as well as free credits and other help for website marketing. BlueHost has the edge on the power of their CGI and website script support, making their site more attractive to web developers. Both offer multi-media support for audio, video, & Flash, as well as choices of starter shopping cart software for free.

Customer Service

Both companies know the value of providing 24 hour support. Your website never sleeps, so why should they? Both hosts have technical support via telephone and live chat, and of course clients can always submit online support tickets as well. Both offer self-help tools with expansive knowledgebases and tutorials. Hard to beat the support offered by both teams.


Setting up a title match between iPage and BlueHost makes a difficult decision for any judge. But for the ease of use and for newer web customers, the lower price point, and the sheer volume of websites under hosting management, the edge has to go to iPage. IPage is worthy of any novice website owner or experienced web developer, and offers plenty of extra promotional opportunities to get your website noticed. BlueHost is still at the top of their league, but iPage gets the nod for the winning web host.

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5th August 2010
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One Response to “iPage VS BlueHost”

  1. ming says:

    iPage payed you this right?

    Well, i would rather go to bluehost than iPage. I feel i been scammed! Here is the comparison.

    iPage took me more than 2 days, yet, i still cant publish the page i work so hard for one full day. During application, lots of things pops and you got so confused. It seems some seems to double, and at the end of whatever you check, you did not get a confirmation list to see if you want to cancelled some services. They just go right out and charge you! There technical service took so long in answering you. Some even cut you off when you argue with them on some things.

    Bluehost. You get your web up fast. No downtime. Chat session, there is alot of operators. There is no additional services during signing up, you can buy it all later on a special rate still.

    If you got the money,save abit more, go for bluehost. It’s more expensive but it sure less headache and you dont see your money fly away!

    take it from me, i regret taking there offer.. such a ripp off!!!!

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