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iPage VS A2Hosting

iPage VS A2Hosting

Buying web hosting is a simple task. Website owners simply choose and buy a hosting service online, upload some files, and voila! A website is on the internet without the owner ever seeing or knowing about how a web hosting data center works.

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In truth, the major data centers in the US use a considerable amount of power, enough to energize a small town in most cases. Web servers require a lot of electricity, and there is a “Green” movement to try and offset web hosting energy consumption from many companies.

Two of the leaders in the “Green” web hosting industry are iPage and A2Hosting. Both offer one or more excellent hosting plans with an emphasis on using green technology and reducing or offsetting energy output. Here is closer look at the two:


Both companies offer shared server hosting plans that are very affordable. IPage offers a single “unlimited” plan for just $3.50 per month for 36 months ($4.50 for 24 months).

A2Hosting has a comparable plan for $5.33/mo for 3 years ($6/mo for 2 years). A2Hosting also offers a StartUp plan for under $4 per month that has limited disk space, bandwidth, and emails, but is perfectly affordable for a personal website.

Products and Services

As mentioned, both companies are focused on Green energy consumption. IPage makes a difference by purchasing 100% of their energy consumption in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). While A2Hosting does not purchase RECs, they do practice “Carbon Free” energy consumption and socially responsible practices. They practice recycling programs and utilize energy-efficient web servers.

Along with their environmental and social practices, both companies offer web design services and marketing services. In addition, A2Hosting offers VPS and dedicated server hosting plans as well.

Web Hosting Features

Their shared server hosting plan come with unlimited disk space, data transfer, domains, MySQL databases, and email accounts. Both also offer developer features with lots of script support, and a choice of e-commerce solutions. Both companies also offer free website builder help with lots of templates to choose from. The iPage plan also offers multi-media support.

A2Hosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for their clients, and they also offer cPanel as their account control software, which is the industry leader in control panel software. A definite advantage over iPage’s generic control panel software.

Customer Service

Both companies offer 24/7/365 support through live chat or telephone. Both offer a substantial knowledgebase and online support center with articles and tutorials. A2Hosting provides a customer community board where clients can post and answer questions among themselves.


The comparisons between iPage and A2Hosting line up almost identical as far as features, support, and social/environmental responsibility. What helps A2Hosting pull ahead of iPage is their 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by energy-efficient servers in a top quality data center, and their choice of control panel for customer use with cPanel. With these superior features, A2Hosting gets our recommendation.

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