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InMotion VS GreenvilleHost

In the web hosting industry there is a clear movement toward energy efficiency and environmental protection. Why? A large web server data center can use up the same amount of electricity in a year as a small town. Thus web hosts are becoming conscious of being “Green” with their energy purchases and energy conservation.

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Both InMotion and GreenvilleHost have excellent “Green” policies in place that help them reduce their carbon footprints, use less energy, and pass the savings on the their customers.

How do their hosting plans stack up? We take a closer look at both of these Green companies and give you our recommendation below.


The GreenvilleHost plan is a single plan going for $2.95 per month for two years, or $3.95 for a one year plan.

InMotion offers choices to its clients. The offer personal plans with limited features ranging from $3 to $5 per month. Their business plans go for $5.95 for the “Launch” plan, $7.95 for the “Power” plan, and $13.95 for the “Pro” plan.

Products and Services

InMotion offers professional custom web design services for their customers. As well they have Google Adwords specialist available for search engine optimization consultations. They also offer a 99.9% uptime promise and a 90 day money back guarantee.

As well as being “Green” certified and offering free badges for clients to proudly display, GreenvilleHost also offers professional website design, and offers marketing credits to use with Google, Yahoo!, and Miva. They also provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

The InMotion business class plans all provide unlimited bandwidth and file storage space. Each plan can host multiple sites, up to 25 on the “Pro” plan. The Power and Pro plans are eCommerce-ready with a choice of shopping carts that clients can choose from. And all plans come with support for popular scripting and multi-media.

The GreenvilleHost plan is all-encompassing with unlimited bandwidth, file storage space, email accounts, hosted domains, and databases. It also supports the popular scripts and comes with many bonus plugins at the ready. Multi-media is also supported, and clients get the use of cPanel control panel which is the top-rated control panel software on the market.

Customer Service

When it comes to live support for answering your questions and helping solve problems, both companies have you covered. Both GreenvilleHost and InMotion have 24 hour live support via telephone and email.

Also, both companies have prepared slick online help centers for their customers. While the InMotion help center has a more user-friendly appearance and has tutorials and guides available, Greenville’s help center is more thorough with a fuller library of articles under more topics.


Both of these web hosts should be applauded for their efforts and policies toward saving electricity. Greenville takes the cake when it comes to investing more than their share in wind energy. And while both companies are worthy of your consideration, ultimately the GreenvilleHost single web hosting plan has more features, is more affordable, has more online help articles, and is the right choice for most small to medium businesses. Our recommendation goes to GreenvilleHost.

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6th January 2011
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