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InMotion VS Coolhandle

InMotion VS Coolhandle

How does a web hosting company make its mark on the industry and with customers? It needs a specific and unique approach that is attractive to a wide array of customers, and stay in synch with industry technology standards in order to compete.

Both InMotion and Coolhandle have found their niche in the hosting industry dating back to 2001. Since then, InMotion has delivered a specific business-oriented approach to helping their customers take care of their eCommerce sites through leading-edge technology and a customer service approach that always exceeds expectations.

Coolhandle began with a group of IT professionals that determined that the best way to excel in the industry was through top-of-the-line technology and support through a highly certified and expert team approach.

Both companies are worthy of your consideration, however, which one may be right for you? Below we compare these two hosts side-by-side and provide you with our recommendation.


InMotion offers personal hosting with basic and limited features for $3 to $5 per month. Their business class plans are $5.95 for the “Launch” plan, $7.95 for the “Power” plan, and $13.95 for the “Pro” plan.

Coolhandle also has three plans available. Their “Starter” plan is just $4.95/mo, the “Business” plan is $10.95/mo, and the “Pro” plan is $12.95/mo.

Products and Services

Coolhandle offers extras that can really help a small business succeed on the internet. Their extra packages include professional web design, content delivery, marketing services, and eCommerce services. Coolhandle offers cPanel software for customer control access, which is the top-rated control panel on the market. They also provide growth opportunities for business accounts with VPS and dedicated server plans. And when customers sign up, they get a free domain registration and renewal for life.

InMotion also provides professional web design services for their clients. As well, they do offer options for VPS and dedicated server hosting for clients who need to expand their website hosting options.

Web Hosting Features

All plans with both companies offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space (except the Personal plans with InMotion). Accounts with InMotion and Coolhandle also have multiple website domains allowed. Coolhandle customers get increasing amounts of MySQL databases and email accounts, and are unlimited of each with the Pro plan.

All plans with each company include support for popular scripting languages and are eCommerce ready with a choice of shopping cart software options.

Coolhandle also provides a free unique IP address with the Pro plan, and upgradable for $2.99 with the Business plan.

Customer Service

Both companies are highly dedicated to customer satisfaction and place high priority on their support. Coolhandle has telephone support available 24 hours a day. InMotion also has 24 phone support and chat support available as well.

Both also offer a well-designed online knowledgebase available to customers, but the InMotion knowledgebase gets extra points for including video tutorials as well as helpful articles.


Both of these web hosts stack up very similarly. Both have a 3-tier web hosting plan with VPS and dedicated hosting options. Both have a great support and well-designed plans. However InMotion gets our recommendation for a few more included features with their plans, as well as their extra products and services available to customers.

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4th January 2011
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