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Inmotion Dedicated Vs Hostgator Dedicated

There are many varieties of dedicated hosting options from a multitude of hosting companies. While shared hosting companies far outnumber those that offer dedicated hosting, more and more hosts are providing this option for growing businesses.

Inmotion was founded in 2001 with an aim to provide higher level web hosting options that include dedicated server hosting, as well as VPS and affordable shared hosting.

Hostgator started in a college dorm in 2002 and grew into a hosting giant with their shared-server hosting option. Since then they have been one of the fastest-growing hosting companies and have expanded to offer VPS and dedicated server plans as well.

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If you are looking to go to a dedicated server option, which of these two worthy hosting companies would you choose? We compare them side-by-side and offer our recommendation. Read on.


Hostgator offers four dedicated hosting options. They are $139/mo, $175/mo, $223/mo, and $299/mo. All four plans have the option for either Windows or Linux platforms.

Inmotion offers three different dedicated hosting plans that run $199.95/mo, $229.50/mo, and $299.95 per month. All Inmotion plans also come with Linux or Windows platform options.

Products and Services

Inmotion offers free cPanel licensing for all plans, which is a great choice on the most widely used control panel software on the market. They offer 24 hour comprehensive support, and back their dedicated plans with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hostgator offers a free software bundle lisencing package with all dedicated plans, and offer paid-in managed hosting options as well. Their choice of account control is Parallel’s Plesk.

Web Hosting Features

The Hostgator plans come with varying amounts of resources ranging from an Intel Xeon 3450 processor, 2GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, and 2x 250GB hard drives, up to an Intel Xeon 3470 processor, 8GB RAM, 2x 500GB hard drives, and 10 TB of bandwidth with the high-end plan.

The three Inmotion plans come with Pentium Dual and Quad Core processors, 2GB to 8GB of RAM, 2x 160GB to 1x 500GB hard drives, and 1.5TB to 2.5TB of bandwidth.

Customer Service

Inmotion offers true 24 hour support with contact by phone or email. They also provide a comprehensive online help center filled with video tutorials, user guides, articles, and user forums.

Hostgator offer 24 hour support via chat or email only, and limited phone support. Their online knowledgebase contains user forums and video tutorials, but limited articles.


These two hosting companies are very similar with near identical founding years and number of dedicated hosting plans. While Hostgator does have decent dedicated hosting options, we feel Inmotion Hosting provides better support, better included features, and server options. Our recommendation goes to Inmotion Dedicated Hosting.

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