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Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

Inmotion Dedicated Vs Codero

In the industry of dedicated server hosting, there are two giants among them all. Inmotion hosting started in 2001 with the specific aim to provide quality high-level dedicated server hosting. Their mission was to exceed customer support needs and use only the leading edge of technology with their servers. While they have done very well in the dedicated hosting arena, they also offer quality VPS and shared hosting as well.

Codero has newer beginnings. They are a subsidiary of the long-term hosting company, that was formed in 2009. Codero was formed as a solution to stay ahead of the technology curve and become a leader in the dedicated hosting industry.

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Both of these companies have succeeded in their mission. But which one is right for you? Take a look at our comparison and recommendation below.


Inmotion hosting offers 3 levels of dedicated hosting. Their plans run $199.95/mo, $229.95/mo, and $299.95/mo.

Codero offers a wide range of dedicated hosting options. Rather than offering “plans”, they offer only the best and newest web servers. Thus, when a new server hit’s the market and Codero obtains it for their clients, prices do change. However, at the time of this review prices ranged from $122.50 per month to $450 per month. Codero also offers great deals on older servers as they make room for newer ones

Products and Services

Codero offers “Green” hosting with their energy-efficient policies. They provide unmetered bandwidth options and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also, Codero offers a fully managed hosting options for all clients if they choose to buy into a managed plan.

Inmotion provides increasing numbers of dedicated IP addresses, Windows or Linux platform options for all plans, and a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

Inmotion dedicated features include increasing amounts of resources. They are as follows: Pentium Dual and Quad Core processors, 2GB to 8GB of RAM, 2x 160GB to 500GB sized hard drives, and 1500GB to 2500GB of monthly data transfer. Inmotion also offers cPanel for their dedicated clients for account control.

Codero processors are all Quad Core Intel processors. They provide a flat 4GB of RAM for all plans, and hard drives range from 250GB to 500GB. As mentioned, unmetered bandwidth is available

Customer Service

Inmotion has a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. To do so they have provided true 24 hour support via telephone and email staffed by experienced technicians. Their online help center is full of video tutorials, user guides, and a community forum.

Codero offers limited phone support M-F only. They do offer 24 hour chat or email contact. Their online knowledgebase has plenty of managed hosting articles, but lacks in other important areas of web hosting topics.


While Codero certainly succeeds in reaching for the top-of-the-line web server options, they don’t match the pricing or quality of features and support that comes with the more experienced Inmotion. Our recommendation goes to Inmotion Dedicated Server Hosting.

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13th July 2011
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