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Hostmonster vs. Rackspace Cloud

Web hosting has become a sophisticated industry. With reliable shared server hosting now offered by most hosting companies, and the 21st century ‘cloud’ computing now in the web hosting arena, there are many choices for the website owner.

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Hostmonster has been doing business since 1996, long enough to gain considerable respect in the industry, not to mention a following of over 1.7 million websites.

Rackspace has made a respectable name for themselves with quality managed hosting and cloud hosting plans.

So with two quality companies in our sights, how do you choose one for your business? Read our comparison and recommendation below.


For affordability it is hard to beat a $5.95 per month price tag. That’s what the single plan offered by Hostmonster whether you buy 36 months or just 12 months at a time. Hostmonster clients can choose to buy up to the “Pro” plan for $19.95 per month which gives extra speed, power, and security.

Rackspace Cloud hosting is charged by the hour. But the good thing is you pay for only what you need and use. Prices start at just 1.5 cents per hour for cloud hosting, which translates roughly to $10.95 per month. Of course that’s bare minimum resources. The more you use, the more you pay. But even with minimum memory usage, and lots of outgoing bandwidth, you could easily afford cloud hosting for under $30 per month.

Products and Services

Hostmonster has learned that if it focuses on one main product, it performs that product very well. Thus, you won’t find a lot of extra professional services offered. But as for extras you will get valuable marketing credits for Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Plus you’ll get use of the industry leading cPanel control panel software. Those who go for the “Pro” plan will enjoy a dedicated IP address, and a free domain registration.

Rackspace Cloud hosting offers extras like online backup, disaster recovery, tools for developers, plus a 100% network uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

The Hostmonster plan is packed with great website features like unlimited bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases, email accounts, and hosted domains. Clients get support for popular scripting and multimedia files, plus free eCommerce tools as well to get an online business going in minutes.

The Rackspace Cloud plan is meant to be fully scaled and customizable. You get to use your own software that you need. Plus you get to choose your operating system, request more resources when you need it, and even control your account via iPhone or iPad.

Customer Service

The Hostmonster plan comes with award winning 24/7 support via phone or email. You’ll also get access to an outstanding online help center packed with articles, videos, and tutorials to help you learn more how to manage your website.

Rackspace Cloud hosting also has 24 our technical support. You can call, email, or chat with a trained expert. You can also look through their Cloud Knowledgebase, which is simply just a FAQ section.


Cloud hosting certainly has its benefits. But it comes at a cost, and cloud hosting clients need to be sophisticated computer users to know which software they need to utilize with their websites. The Hostmonster plan comes with all the extra script support, free eCommerce tools, and multimedia support any business needs to succeed. Our recommendation goes to Hostmonster.

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14th May 2011
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