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Hostmonster vs. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud is an instantly recognizable name. Anyone who has watched a Superbowl in the last few years knows their clever ads, especially ones featuring racing star, Danica Patrick. But most people don’t know that Go Daddy offers cloud hosting, not just domain registration.

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On the other hand, Hostmonster is a long-term web hosting leader who offers affordable web hosting in a single plan packed with features. You may not have seen them advertised during the Superbowl, but be assured that this company is trusted by over 1.7 million websites.

So if you are wondering which of these web industry leaders may be right for your business or personal website, take a look at our comparison below and read our recommendation.


For affordable pricing Hostmonster has a plan for you. They offer only a single plan that is a shared-server plan, but it is packed with features you’ll read more about below, all for just $5.95 per month.

GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud is a more powerful hosting plan aimed at the business or eCommerce consumer. Cloud computing is still in a development stage, and thus comes at a bit more of a premium. Their Cloud plan starts at $99.99 per month.

Products and Services

The extra products and features help make a plain hosting plan something with more value. Hostmonster doesn’t offer a great deal more in terms of professional web services. But it does offer a free domain, the best control panel in the industry with cPanel, and valuable free marketing credits to use with Google and Yahoo!/Bing.

Go Daddy is well known for its main business of domain registration. But Go Daddy also offers a $100 marketing credit for Google Adwords, a Wiki server, plus iPhone integration. In addition, GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud clients have access to all the professional services including domain services, marketing and productivity, and web design.

Web Hosting Features

With the Hostmonster plan you get practically everything you need for a personal or small business website, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, and hosted domains. Clients get free eCommerce solutions, multimedia file support, and support for scripting and software plugins.

With the GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud plans you get a choice of RAM, Gigabytes of storage, and Terabytes of bandwidth. Clients of GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud will get the benefit of powerful Mac-based web servers that support a full range of Mac software such as mail, iChat, iCal, and @ Address book.

Customer Service

Hostmonster technical support is available 24 hours a day via telephone and email. Clients also get an array on free online help through their help center articles and tutorials.

Go Daddy also has convenient ways to get hold of them including 24/7 technical hotline, or by finding answers on their help center.


GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud hosting is a sophisticated model of high-tech web hosting. Sure, cloud technology is great, but only if your website has high traffic demands and contains heavy files. Cloud computing comes with a price.

However, any small business owner looking to save money will do well with the plan offered by Hostmonster. It is affordable and comes with practically all the features you will ever need. Our recommendation goes to Hostmonster.

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