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GreenGeeks vs. ThinkHost

GreenGeeks vs. ThinkHost

Green web hosting has emerged over the last few years and more companies are making the transition to provide eco-friendly solutions. GreenGeeks and ThinkHost can be considered as two of the pioneers, helping to set the standards that are now being followed by so many others. Both understands what it takes be successful in a highly competitive business and pass that expertise onto their legions of loyal customers. If you have been struggling with the decision of who to choose between these two stellar green web hosts, this comparison will tell you more about what each has to offer.

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GreenGeeks and ThinkHost offer prices that are competitive enough to match up with some of the most affordable plans on the hosting marketplace. A professional hosting plan is in easy reach with ThinkHost as its feature-rich package is only $7.95 per month. Hosting with GreenGeeks is slightly more affordable, coming in at the low price of $6.95 a month. These may not be the cheapest prices around, but they are very reasonable and can be easily afforded on most budgets.

Products and Services

Like most green web hosting providers, GreenGeeks and ThinkHost specialize in simple and straightforward solutions geared towards users with little to no experience. This means you do not have to worry about all the complexities that come along with dedicated and virtual private servers. ThinkHost offers a single hosting plan capable of meeting a wide range of needs. GreenGeeks has a similar package in addition to a variety of reseller hosting plans. Its reseller accounts are amassed by five different solutions that offer excellent value in their own right.

Web Hosting Features

GreenGeeks and ThinkHost are solid proof that green web hosting can be just as powerful as traditional services. Both supply all the most highly sought after features, providing you unlimited disk storage and data transfer, the ability to host unlimited domains on a single account, and a complete email system for creating accounts and managing your messages. Other notable features include unlimited MySQL databases, web stat utilities for analyzing your traffic and server-side programming languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails. If you desire an affordable plan equipped with a plethora of features, these hosts can certainly deliver.

Customer Service

GreenGeeks and ThinkHost both excel in the area of support. These two green web hosting companies are overwhelmingly committed to their customers, evident by complete support systems that provide convenient access to expert assistance 24 hours a day. Regardless of who you sign up with, you can get help in a variety of ways, including toll-free phone, email and support ticket. In addition, both make self-help resources available to you such as video tutorials and easy navigable knowledge bases.


GreenGeeks and ThinkHost make excellent options for eco-friendly services or any type of hosting for that matter. If you need a reseller account, GreenGeeks would be the obvious choice. If you simply need a reliable solution built for personal or business matters, either company would make a fine suitor.

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24th September 2009
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