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Greengeeks VPS Vs Hostgator VPS

Greengeeks and Hostgator have both emerged as leaders in the web hosting industry. And not just for their brands of shared hosting plans. Both offer very comparable Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans for growing businesses.

Greengeeks is a newer company that was founded with the notion of providing solid hosting backed with energy-saving and conservation in mind. They purchase 300% of their energy consumption through Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s), and have established additional electricity efficiency policies.

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Hostgator has roots back to a Florida university where the legendary Brent Oxley set up a few hosting servers in his dorm. Since those early days, Hostgator has evolved into not just one of the largest hosting companies in the US, but also one of the fastest growing companies as published by INC Magazine.

But which of these two hosting giants has the best VPS plan? We give you a thorough comparison and recommendation below.


Greengeeks has a wide variety of VPS plans at five different price point levels. They go for monthly charges of $19.95, $29.95, $39.95, $69.95, and $79.95.

Hostgator offers an “introductory” charge for all plans, but for our comparison purposes we’ll explain the regular recurring charges. Hostgator offers 9 VPS plans starting at $19.95, $29.95, $39.95, $69.95, $94.95, $119.95, $149.95, $179.95, and $ 209.95 per month. Charges will increase if users want cPanel control panel rather than the provided Plesk control panel for free. Also, users will get 2 IP addresses, but can opt for four at an additional price as well.

Products and Services

Hostgator offers fully managed VPS plans with weekly site backups included. Clients also get a free site builder with over 4,500 website templates. Hostgator also offers free website and domain transfer.

Greengeeks offers cPanel control panel for VPS clients without extra charge, plus nightly backup. Greengeeks offers reseller billing with VPS plans so clients could easily divide a VPS into resellable shared-hosting plans.

Web Hosting Features

Greengeeks offers increasing resources with their VPS plans starting with 384MB of DDRS RAM, and going up to 1536MG of RAM. Storage space ranges from 10GB to 100GB of disk space. And bandwidth ranges from 150GB to 1250GB.

Each of the nine Hostgator plans come with unlimited hosted domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases. Resource allotment range from 384MB RAM, 10GB space, and 250GB bandwidth to 4435MB RAM, 231GB space, and 3150GB of bandwidth.

Customer Service

Both companies have 24 hour support via chat and email. Limited phone support is available by both as well.

Both also have an online knowledgebase but Greengeeks takes an edge with more articles and video tutorials available.


With these two companies side-by-side it is difficult to tell the difference at first glance. While Hostgator does offer a wider choice of VPS plans, Greengeeks takes a lead with the inclusion of cPanel control panel, better online support, and a better “green” initiative. Our recommendation goes to Greengeeks for VPS.

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5th July 2011
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