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FatCow vs. WebFusion

FatCow vs. WebFusion

FatCow and WebFusion are two of the veterans in the web hosting business, both getting their start in the late 1990s. While FatCow has been delivering hosting solutions from its U.S. headquarters and data center for years, WebFusion built its success in the United Kingdom and is a relative newcomer to the states. So, how do these two providers match up? Continue on with our comparison to find out.

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Apart from all the user-friendly tools and reliable platform, an amazingly low price has always been the major selling point for FatCow. Nothing much has changed today as its all-in-one hosting plan is available from just $58 per year. WebFusion is not to be forgotten in the affordable web hosting market as it offers an introductory package from $2.99 per month. However, their plan that is most comparable to FatCow is considerably higher at $6.99 per month. If you don’t want to shell out big money for a professional web hosting service, both of these companies are worth looking into.

Products and Services

WebFusion has three different hosting plans on Linux and Windows servers to accommodate personal users, small business owners, and customers with more complex needs. It is also a very successful registrar with some of the best prices on domain names. Aside from its fully loaded web hosting plan, FatCow offers domain registration, e-commerce and email services, marketing services and site add-ons. The company also has a feature-rich hosting plan in Mini Moo for customers who want to ease way their online.

Web Hosting Features

If you are seeking high-quality features, rest assured because FatCow and WebFusion have much to offer in this department. You can count on all the basics such as multiple email accounts, webmail and spam filtering, as well as more advanced features like PHP, Perl and Python programming languages. While both provide you with applications for viewing and analyzing your web stats, FatCow takes its offerings one notch further with the popular Google Webmaster Tools. Unless your site calls for specifics, you can’t loose with either company when it comes to features.

Customer Service

Service and support shouldn’t stop after signing up for your web hosting package. After all, this is the time where problems might occur and you are likely to need the most help. A 100% trouble-free hosting solution is never guaranteed, but you are never alone when doing business with FatCow or WebFusion. Both provide you with excellent after sales support by phone, email and support ticket. You can also sift through easy searchable online documentation to get tips on features such as email, databases and domains. It doesn’t matter which company you choose, both are there to step up and provide you with support 24/7.


When it comes down to it, there is no wrong choice in the matter of FatCow vs. WebFusion. These companies both have the experience needed to deliver reliable web hosting solutions and help you establish yourself online. Perhaps the best way to make a decision is to check out both hosts and weigh their offerings against your particular needs.

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