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FatCow vs.

FatCow vs.

FatCow and are two of the most well known companies in the web hosting business. Both specialize in solutions fit for hobbyists, developers and small businesses. A professional web presence is in easy reach with either company, but who has the best service? Keep reading this comparison to find out the answer.

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Hosting with will cost you more regardless of the package you choose. The packages targeted at developers run from $11.95 per month while the price for e-commerce hosting soars to $59.95 per month. FatCow is far more reasonable as its all-in-one hosting plan starts from just $4.83 per month and offers enough power for developers and businesses alike.

Products and Services

Both FatCow and offer a nice selection of products and services. With FatCow, you can register additional domain names for your hosting account and also take advantage of email services, e-commerce solutions and site upgrades. The portfolio is equally impressive, featuring hosting plans on both Windows and Linux platforms, Microsoft Exchange hosting, web design and SEO services. The extra services offered by both companies are designed to assist from the building to the marketing phase of your site.

Web Hosting Features

If you are after a feature-rich hosting solution, then you’re in luck because both FatCow and deliver in this regard. FatCow provides you with all the hottest features on the market, such as webmail, spam filtering and multiple FTP user accounts. You also get your choice of shopping cart programs and the popular Google Webmaster tool set. is not to be outdone with offerings like a free site builder, web stat tools and server-side includes. Its Windows-based packages are loaded with highly sought after Microsoft designed features that include ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL and Silverlight. Both web hosting companies provide you with access to all the features you need to succeed. When it comes to this comparison, it is all about what you’re willingly to pay for them.

Customer Service

For years, FatCow and have been delivering a high level of support that exceeds customer expectations. Both allow you to get help in various ways including toll-free phone and email. Though offers additional means of support through FAQs and helpful resources, FatCow’s support system is a bit more comprehensive. For example, all you have to do is visit the Help Desk and you can find support resources that range from a knowledge base to video tutorials that provide you with step-by-step instructions.


When it comes to down it, FatCow and are two companies that can surely provide you with a highly reliable service. The major difference is that FatCow can do it for a much cheaper price. Honestly, you can find yourself quite a few services that are substantially lower than

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30th June 2009
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