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FatCow VS Reliacloud

FatCow VS Reliacloud

Customers who already have their website hosted by FatCow will tell you that they have a solid server. For a very reasonable price, they get a plan packed with features, top-quality support, a corral-full of extras, and a company that is dedicated to saving the environment through the purchase of 100% wind energy.

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ReliaCloud customers will tell you that their hosting company is the wave of the future. With a newer, more 21st century server configuration, cloud computing makes downtime a thing of the past and makes technology run more efficiently for web clients.

Side by side these company both offer the same thing: web hosting. But they do it in very different ways. So which one is right for you and your business? Below we take a closer look at these hosting companies and make our recommendations for you.


FatCow makes their single plan easy for customers and priced right at just $5.50 per month, or just $66 per year. Affordable for most any budget.

The ReliaCloud hosting plan allows for flexibility with each customer. There is no one pricing plan. Instead, customers choose their server size, number of servers, operating system, timeframe, and bandwidth requirements. Starting at just $0.05 per hour, ReliaCloud customers can expect to pay a minimum of $36 per month for this higher technology.

Products and Services

FatCow is dedicated to helping their customers succeed with their websites. Any client can get extra help with professional services such as web design, marketing, web site management, and extra eCommerce services. As well, FatCow offers free marketing credits to use with popular search engines and social media, and offers free eCommerce software for all customers. All of this is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

FatCow offers their eco-friendly service to all members. They purchase 100% of their energy from wind sources, and offers ‘green’ badges for all customers to proudly display on their own sites.

ReliaCloud doesn’t offer a lot of “frills” with their hosting plan. Instead, they focus on their technology so that their hosting service is completely reliable. They also offer Windows servers for those developers wanting that platform.

Web Hosting Features

The FatCow plan comes loaded with features including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. They provide support for third party software and scripts, multi-media, and offer a free eCommerce shopping online store.

ReliaCloud offers cloud servers and cloud storage for their customers. Clients can use the server space as they need for uploading files and scripts, and pay for their bandwidth in their hourly rate. The great thing about ReliaCloud plan is that it is dynamically scalable. Opt for more bandwidth during peak traffic, and scale back during off hours.

Customer Service

FatCow has an award-winning support team ready for your questions 24 hours a day through telephone, chat, or email contact. They also offer a nicely-designed online knowledgebase filled with articles for customer self help.

ReliaCloud chat support, and they do offer a limited number of online articles in their knowledgebase.


Though cloud computing is the service of the future, it is still pricey for the new small business. ReliaCloud doesn’t have the quality of support set up for their customers as well as FatCow. In our opinion, FatCow gets the recommendation for your small or medium sized business website.

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25th December 2010
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