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FatCow vs.

FatCow vs.

There are many web hosting companies on the market and FatCow and are two you may encounter during your search for service. FatCow is one of the most popular hosts on the scene and you will find it squared off in comparisons with several industry rivals. Pronet Hosting is well known for its professional hosting solutions and flexible platform. If you are not sure of who to choose, this comparison should go a long way in helping you make a more informed decision.

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Both FatCow and Pronet Hosting are engaged in a close battle as far as pricing goes. FatCow offers its feature-rich hosting plan from $4.83 a month and Pronet Hosting is right in the same ballpark with service for as low as $4.95 per month. Both companies provide you with a fast, free setup of your account and no surprising fees.

Products and Services

The FatCow portfolio is quite limited when compared to the extensive offerings of For example, FatCow only offers a single hosting plan while Pronet Hosting has solutions on Windows and Linux platforms, dedicated servers and a very popular reseller hosting package. Both offer domain name registration but FatCow has additional offerings such as email services, web design and scripting add-ons.

Web Hosting Features

There are some notable differences between FatCow and in terms of features. Pronet’s Basic package comes with 100 GB of disk storage, 1000 of GB bandwidth and allows you to host unlimited domains on a single account. FatCow removes the cap with the ultimate “unlimited” hosting plan. While it may appear as if Pronet Hosting is at a disadvantage in this regard, its resource allowances are quite generous and suitable for most users. You also have the option of purchasing an unlimited package for a few extra bucks per month. The major differences can be drawn when looking at Pronet Hosting’s Windows hosting plan as it includes features such as ASP while FatCow’s Linux platform is open-source friendly with technologies like PHP server-side programming.

Customer Service

FatCow and both put their best effort forward when it comes to delivering customer support. These companies have designed their support systems in a manner that allow customers to get assistance in a combination of ways. This includes email, support ticket and self-help resources such as video, tutorials and knowledge bases. Pronent Hosting is pretty responsive but is at a major disadvantage for the simple fact that it doesn’t offer support via phone. In this case, its best effort just might not be enough.


Choosing a web host is often a difficult decision, especially when the choice involves two highly regarded companies such as FatCow and Pronet Hosting. The latter can give you more in terms of variety but if you’re extra picky about customer support, FatCow could be more your flavor. The good thing for you is that both companies are extremely reliable and have solutions designed to meet a wide variety of personal and business needs.

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27th June 2009
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