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FatCow vs. JustHost

A large number of companies amass the web hosting industry but there always seems to be a few hosts that stand out from the crowd. As of this post, some that come to mind are FatCow and JustHost, two of the most talked about hosting providers on the scene. The crave behind these two hosts is very understandable when considering that both offer highly reliable services at very affordable prices. Making a decision can be difficult so we will try to simplify the process with this comparison.

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As we mentioned, FatCow and JustHost are well known for their affordable prices. Honestly, there are not many companies that can match up with FatCow’s $4.83 per month hosting package, but JustHost is more than worthy competition with the JustPlan at $3.45 a month. While there is a slight price difference, these solutions are nearly identical in terms of value and power.

Products and Services

Choosing a hosting plan is easy whether you opt for FatCow or JustHost. This is because both keep it simple with straightforward solutions. FatCow takes care of personal or business needs with its industry renowned Original FatCow plan while JustHost has two packages to choose from. The biggest difference in this area is FatCow’s additional services such as domain registration, website design and scripting add-ons, options you don’t have with JustHost.

Web Hosting Features

Here comes the most intriguing part of our comparison: the features. You can get all the most highly sought after features when signing up with FatCow or JustHost. This includes free site builders, FrontPage support, unlimited MySQL databases and server-side scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Ruby on Rails. Some features missing from the JustHost side of the spectrum are a 60-day free trial subscription to the RatePoint service and most notably, the inclusion of Google Webmaster tools. However, unless you have a need for specific features, there is really no winning or losing in the feature department.

Customer Service

We always put a strong emphasis on support and we think you should too. You can look around the web for yourself and read many horror stories from customers who are dealing with a less than desirable support team. Despite a company’s guarantees, some just do not offer the level of support as advertised. You should not experience such issues when signing up with either FatCow or JustHost as both deliver excellent support from multiple angles. When things get rough you can get assistance by toll-free phone, email or support ticket, a convenient feature that is becoming a regular on the hosting scene. In addition, both web hosts provide you with easy access to FAQs, knowledge bases and video tutorials so that you can find your own way.


This battle is so tightly contested that even after all these details, choosing a winner is still no easy task. If every single dollar counts, you can spare some change by signing up with JustHost. On the other hand, if track record is of any importance, FatCow definitely has the advantage. Though incredibly popular, JustHost, a relatively new company, can’t hold a match to FatCow’s collective experience in the business.

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20th June 2009
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