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Fatcow VS Hostmonster

Fatcow VS Hostmonster

Finding a good web host is harder than you would ever imagine. You must find a company that offers a dependable service as well as features that meet your needs, all while trying to keep the price within reason. As two of the biggest names in the business, we can tell you that FatCow and HostMonster certainly deserve a closer look. These companies are proven as reliable but which is right for you? Hopefully this in-depth comparison will help you make a decision.

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FatCow may have been less expensive about a year ago but HostMonster is continuously dropping the price of service. Right now you can get web hosting with the Monster for $5.95 per month. FatCow is slightly lower at $6.50 $4.83 per month with this MBRW Moopon. Although the actual price varies depending on how long you sign up, neither host will come at you with any setup fees or hidden charges. This is very refreshing when considering that not all companies play by the rules of morality.

Products and Services

When it comes to additional services, FatCow is ahead by far. HostMonster offers everything needed to establish and maintain your web presence but you will have to look elsewhere for associated services. FatCow would be the place to go as you can purchase website management, website design, email services, scripting add-ons and additional marketing tools. FatCow also has a domain registration service and allows you to buy more bandwidth as your hosting needs increase.

Web Hosting Features

FatCow and HostMonster are running neck and neck in the feature department. HostMonster has industry-leading features including an easy to use site builder, FrontPage extensions and the ability to host unlimited domains. FatCow is equally impressive with unlimited email accounts, webmail, shopping cart software and SSL support. Both provide you with tons of bandwidth and space as well as one-click script installers for instant enhancements. Though both packages are attractive, HostMonster has the edge with support for various multimedia applications and more programming languages.

Customer Service

Because anything can go wrong behind the scenes, finding a web hosting company with responsive customer service and technical support is must. You shouldn’t have to worry much at all with HostMonster or FatCow as boast have proven to be quick at resolving issues. Both companies specialize in customer relations and provide various ways for getting the answers you need. Support is available via toll free phone, email and live chat for assistance in real-time. Both have support systems integrated on their websites’s. From HostMonster’s Support Center or FatCow’s Help Center you can browse articles in the knowledge base and also open and view support tickets. FatCow’s online support resources are far more extensive with video tutorials, FAQs and well organized categories on your essential web hosting features.


Overall FatCow is the winner, however, it is hard to go against either of these companies as both are on top of their game.

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20th February 2009
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