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FatCow VS Easy-CGI

FatCow VS Easy-CGI

Sometimes it just boils down to ease of use and unlimited features. In comparing two web hosting companies, FatCow and Easy-CGI, both have plenty to offer. One caters to the “every man” crowd whereas the other is geared more toward the business man or the more technically savvy group.

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In keeping with its ongoing simplistic theme, FatCow offers only one pricing scheme. For $66 a year (recently reduced from $88 a year), you receive unlimited hosting space, no caps on bandwidth and you can email and create databases to your heart’s content. Have more than one domain that needs to be hosted? FatCow has you covered there as well with unlimited hosted domains. Easy-CGI offers three Windows hosted account options ranging from $7.96 a month to $21.56 a month. With these accounts you will be limited to, at most, 750 gigabytes of space and 7,500 gigabytes of monthly data transfer. They, too, offer unlimited hosted domains and allow for unlimited POP accounts and MySQL databases at the top end of their offerings.

Products and Services

Offering only web hosting and no dedicated or virtual server accounts or reseller accounts, Easy-CGI outshines FatCow in the products offered by either company. Easy-CGI has four Linux based VPS hosting accounts to choose from – ranging in price according to space and memory requirements. They also offer e-mail only hosting, web forwarding and domain registration.

Both companies offer different control panel programs to administer your accounts. FatCow has its own proprietary program for their clients to utilize. It is designed to be easy to use with categorization and color-coding to help navigate. The color-coding also enables clients to view which options are available to them. Easy-CGI uses the Plesk control panel. An established and well-known program, Plesk also categorizes sections of the hosted account and allows the customer easy access to add-on programs and features.

Web Hosting Features

Each company offers the standards you would expect from a web hosting company – an easy to use control panel, site building tools, marketing tools, e-commerce applications, access to several content management systems (such as WordPress or Joomla). A nice switch for Easy-CGI is the use of both Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP. This is one advantage of being hosted on a Windows operated system.

Customer Service

Easy-CGI and FatCow have a variety of support options – including e-mail, FAQ’s, knowledge bases and phone support. Both companies also offer 24×7 support by phone and an online chat option to receive help as soon as possible. The “Moo Crew” at FatCow will answer your call in two minutes or less and will always set a deadline for your issue. They are also dedicated to ensuring your support is resolved in a pleasant and courteous manner.


If your needs are simply of a web hosting nature and you’re looking to save a bit of coin, FatCow is the recommendation. However, if you need a bit more and are looking into dedicated or virtual server options, Easy-CGI will accommodate you nicely.

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13th October 2009
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