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FatCow vs. Dotster

FatCow vs. Dotster

FatCow and Dotster are two of the premiere players in the web hosting game. Dotster is well known as one of the largest domain name holders in the industry while FatCow is perhaps the most popular host around as we speak. Both companies have proven to be reliable throughout their tenor but which is right for your needs? We will try to help you draw a conclusion with this comparison.

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You can get yourself a quality hosting plan at a great price whether you decide on Fatcow or Dotster. While Dotster has a number of solutions available, its most affordable plan starts from the low price of $6.12 a month. Hosting with FatCow is slightly cheaper at $4.83 a month and they offer considerably more features, as you will find out below.

Products and Services

Dotster made its name by not only being a reliable web hosting company, but a successful domain name registrar as well. Its portfolio consists of three tiers of shared hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, web design, online marketing and SSL certificates to secure your website transactions. On top of shared hosting, FatCow also offers website management, domain registration, email and marketing services, scripting add-ons and e-commerce services. As you can see, both hosts give you a nice range to choose from, but Dotster just has a little more to offer.

Web Hosting Features

Both Fat Cow and Dotster provide you with all the features that have become standard on the web hosting market. Some of the most notable are free tools to build your site, multiple email accounts, webmail and spam filtering. You also get tons of free software with add-ons such as blogs, photo galleries, shopping carts and CMS programs. The biggest difference in this department is that FatCow gives you several more features for your money. Offerings such as Google Webmaster tools are something you just will not get when signing up with Dotster.

Customer Service

Customer service and technical support are critical areas one too many customers don’t but enough emphasis on. You need to know that a host is there whether something goes wrong or you just have a simple question. FatCow and Dotster offer solid support but there are some vast differences. For example, Dotster limits its phone support to business hours Monday through Friday. When choosing FatCow, you can pick up the phone any time and reach a knowledgeable staff member who can help address your needs. Aside from this factor, both companies are similar in their additional means of support with online documentation and video tutorials.


In the end, FatCow and Dotster are two world-class hosting providers that can satisfy your personal or business needs. These companies have been around the block and know what it takes to be successful in the fiercely competitive online marketplace. If you want our recommendation, both will suit you just fine but with the lower price and additional features, FatCow offers the best value for your dollar.

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26th July 2009
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2 Responses to “FatCow vs. Dotster”

  1. AK says:

    I am not sure where you guys get your info from but the internet is littered with bad reviews of dotster. I have had a account with them for sometime. There is absolutly no support. But it gets worse, the service regularly goes down, website access is really slow if you do anything requiring php and worst the sites are regularly attacked by hackers. The last attack destroyed or infected all my hosted sites & still no response from dotster. I article above is foreign to me. I found DOTSTER IS A VERY UNRELIABLE AND UNRESPONSIVE COMPANY

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  2. Alexander says:

    It took Dotster more than 3 weeks to admit that they closed my account and erased my files without notifying me.
    Facts are the following:
    1. According to their representative, at April 30, 2012 Dotster bought my former hosting company.
    2. At May 4, I discovered that access to my former homepage is blocked and I can’t login.
    3. I was not able to contact Dotster customer service. Their direct E-mail address was not accessible.
    4. Dotster people failed to respond my four requests about withdrawing files.
    5. Dotster made a special login webpage for former fortunecity customers that in my knowledge never worked.
    I believe that is not reliable and Dotster people do not follow good business practices. In my opinion, they should inform customers of their policy changes in advance (1); They should provide customers an option to opt-out and reasonable time for closing their accounts (2); They should respond immediately the requests and provide a public E-mail for complains (3); They should not erase users’ files and other information from their servers unless the resolution of all potential problems.

    Thus, my conclusion is obvious. It is based on facts and my personal experience with Dotster. I believe Dotster people are inexperienced and unorganized. I would not purchase from Dotster because there do not provide any warranty of anything, they do not see potential problems and they can’t handle existing problems professionally.

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