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FatCow VS Codero

FatCow VS Codero

Any web hosting company that possess over a decade of experience and manages to successfully wade through the dot-com boom and bust is a quality company. FatCow and Codero are no exceptions. While FatCow has been operating since 1998 and has delivered exceptional web hosting service since then, Codero is a newer brand as a division of, who has been in industry since 1992.

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Both of these companies are dedicated to helping reduce their carbon footprint and support alternative energy sources. Both companies purchase 100% of their energy consumption in the form of renewable energy certificates to help support wind energy development.

FatCow is aimed at helping the personal or small business find a place affordably on the internet. In contrast, Codero was developed with medium to larger businesses in mind with dedicated server hosting and fully managed hosting services.

Which one is right for you? Read on to get our analysis and recommendation below.


For the price of only $5.50 per month, or $66 per year, FatCow has a very affordable plan packed with features.

The Codero dedicated server plans start at $110 per month and go for as much as $450 per month depending on the server and processor you choose.

Products and Services

FatCow offers additional products and services for the small to medium sized business website. You can procure professional help with web design, eCommerce, marketing, and website management. Additionally, you’ll get free credits to use with search engines and social media. FatCow customers receive a full money back refund for 30 days.

Codero also offers related products for their clientele, including managed hosting services, backup services, security services, and server access tools. They offer a choice of Plesk and cPanel control panels, both of which are tops in the industry. Codero backs up their service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

The FatCow shared-server hosting plan comes packed with great features including all the bandwidth your visitors can consume, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. Customers get full support for all the popular scripting languages like Python and PHP 4 & 5, and has plugins for tools such as WordPress and photo galleries. You get multi-media support and an eCommerce online shopping site as well.

The Codero plan options are for those companies who want to manage their own dedicated server, or hire Codero for full managed hosting services. Clients can upload their own software and databases to their server, and have full account control with easy-to-use control panel software. Clients can also pick their hard drive space and their bandwidth which starts at 6 TB per month included.

Customer Service

FatCow is dedicated to customer support with a full team of experts at the ready 24 hours a day via telephone, chat, or email. Codero also provides full 24 hour support by telephone and chat. Both companies offer an extensive online knowledgebase of articles with topics to help customers manage their own accounts better.


While Codero certainly has an exceptional dedicated server offering, their price range is still higher than most small businesses can afford. FatCow gets our recommendation for offering a single affordable plan loaded with features, support, and extras that will help most any size business succeed with their website.

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