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Fatcow VS Bluehost

Fatcow VS Bluehost

As a leading provider for more than a decade, BlueHost has helped set the standard many web hosts strive to follow. Since 1996, it has been providing affordable web hosting solutions able to meet the needs of personal users and businesses across the globe. FatCow is no rookie either, going strong since 1998 and showing no signs of slowing down. Both providers have made their mark in the business but which company offers the best service? These comparisons may reveal the answer.

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For the most part, hosting with BlueHost has always been cost effective and that hasn’t changed today. Its hosting plan is available for $6.95 per month, allowing you to enjoy professional grade hosting at a fraction of the cost. FatCow is less expensive, offering service for $6.50 $4.83 per month with this MBRW Moopon. Each hosting solution comes with a free instant setup of your site and best of all, no hidden fees. With both offering an excellent value, picking a winner from this pair calls for much more than price comparison.

Products and Services

Some companies keep things simple while others take their service offerings to another level. FatCow falls under the latter, as they offer a wide variety of products outside of web hosting. For an additional fee, you can obtain website management, web design, email services, advanced marketing tools and various add-on services. FatCow allows you to purchase additional scripts, disk space and bandwidth as your needs increase. With BlueHost you have a more simplistic solution and no add-on services are available. If you feel that your site could benefit from web design services and additional marketing tools, this is something you may want to take into consideration.

Web Hosting Features

Features aren’t everything, but having an ample supply never hurt any webmaster. BlueHost offers some of the most attractive features on the market including the latest version of MySQL, Ruby on Rails and PHP. You also have the ability to host unlimited domains, create your own MIME types and transfer files via FTP. With FatCow you get unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts and a newsletter management tool. Both provide you with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage but FatCow lacks multimedia support. The biggest difference in the feature department is the control panel as BlueHost offers cPanel while FatCow has its own custom solution.

Customer Service

FatCow and BlueHost are both highly regarded for their commitment to customer service. Both companies offer various methods of support including toll-free phone, email and live chat. They also provide a support ticket system and knowledge base for additional assistance. Although BlueHost offers extensive online documentation in knowledge base articles, the resources provided by FatCow are a bit more impressive. From the Help Center you can view tips on everything from adding domains to incorporating add-on software.


The truth is that you can’t lose with either of these companies. Both will set you up with a reliable platform able to suit your personal and business needs. If we must make a recommendation, it would be FatCow for the added flexibility that is available. The additional services will cost you extra money, but it is always good to know you can upgrade when the time is right.

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16th February 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting

2 Responses to “Fatcow VS Bluehost”

  1. JoJo says:

    Sure doesn’t help that Blue Host are down as of right now. I guess this is that 0.1% of uptime that I’m not gauranteed. I can’t even log into my cpanel!!

    What a time to be down, mid afternoon when I NEED ACCESS TO MY SITE TO UPDATE & CHECK MAIL!!!

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  2. JoJo says:

    Though the website is up. Why can’t my site be on the same/similar servers as theirs? Oh wait, I’m sure they need their site to be up at all times for support and potential new customers.

    God forbid that their site would be down or offline for any amount of time. I couldn’t imagine how it would make them look if their site was down.


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