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CoreCommerce vs BigCommerce

CoreCommerce vs BigCommerce

CoreCommerce is one of the premier eCommerce hosting providers in the industry, having maintained a 93% customer satisfaction rate since its inception in 2001. BigCommerce is a worthy competitor, being directly responsible for the establishment of over 40,000 online business. Both companies have over 10 years experience in the eCommerce hosting industry, but which one stands above the rest as the best eCommerce web host?

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Both companies have competitively priced plans, with BigCommerce’s plans starting at $24.99 with a $49.99 setup fee, and CoreCommerce’s plans starting at $24.95 and a $49.95 setup fee. However, the higher priced plans differ greatly in value. CoreCommerce takes the win in this department with their highest priced “Platinum” plan at $179.99 per month. BigCommerce’s most expensive plan on the other hand costs $299.99 per month. Although this may seem like a big gap, both companies have competitive pricing in the eCommerce hosting industry, with CoreCommerce taking the lead by a margin in the more expensive packages.

Products and Services

Both companies offer a variety of online services, however CoreCommerce has a wider selection of products and service to choose from, offering domain name registration, online marketing assistance, SSL certificates, custom site design, reseller hosting and payment processing services. BigCommerce on the other hand only offers SSL certificates, payment processing , and reseller hosting in addition to their basic hosting services. With that said, it appears that CoreCommerce has more to choose from and can provide a more personalized and inclusive web hosting package.

Web Hosting Features

CoreCommerce offers 250 product slots, 2GB bandwidth and 250MB disk space with their starter plan, while BigCommerce offers 2GB bandwidth, 100 product slots, and only 200MB disk space for their cheapest plan – the Bronze package. However, BigCommerce makes up for any lacking features by offering a $50 Google advertising coupon certificate with every plan. With that said, it appears as if CoreCommerce takes the win on plan features, with more product slots and bandwidth for the same price. Nonetheless BigCommerce’s more expensive plans come with unlimited product slots, so they should be considered as a prospect as well.

Customer Service

Both companies are known for offering reliable customer service on all of their plans. While both of them offer 24 hour support, BigCommerce appears to have a much more comprehensive database, and even has a Youtube, Twitter and Facebook page for their support. CoreCommerce posts a rating of their support within the last month, so you can see what the opinions of their current customers are. Ultimately, they both seem to offer equal customer service and technical support, so this should not be a factor when choosing between the two.


In the above review it is clearly demonstrated that CoreCommerce stands out from the crowd and has some distinct advantages over BigCommerce. Nonetheless both companies are worthy of a review, and BigCommerce has been known for being a quality web hosting for more than a decade, helping more than a thousand business get started with eCommerce each and every week!

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