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CoreCommerce vs BigCommerce vs Volusion

CoreCommerce vs BigCommerce vs Volusion

CoreCommerce is a reputable eCommerce hosting company that was founded in 2001, and has since served thousands of customers, currently powering about 15,000 online stores. BigCommerce is another renowned hosting company known for their robust hosting solutions. Having been in business since 2003, BigCommerce now provides a plethora of hosting plans to over 40,000 clients around the world. However, out of all three companies, Volusion has the most experience, having served more than 100,000 clients since its inception in 1999. So how do these companies stack up against each other on all levels?

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All three companies offer starter plans that cost about $25 per month, however as the plans become more comprehensive the prices begin to differ by a greater margin. Let us conduct a thorough comparison of their plan pricing:


*All CoreCommerce plans come with a $49.99 setup fee.

Starter – $24.99/month
Basic – $39.99/month
Standard – $79.99/month
Pro – $99.99/month
Platinum – $179.99/month


*All BigCommerce plans come with a $49.95 setup fee.

Bronze – $24.95/month
Silver – $39.95/month
Gold – $79.95/month
Platinum $149.95/month
Diamond – $299.95/month


*All Volusion plans come with a $49 setup fee.

Steel – $24.99/month
Bronze – $39.99/month
Silver – $59.99/month
Gold – $99.99/month
Platinum – $159.99/month

Although it appears as if Volusion offers the best pricing out of the three, it should be noted that the above prices do not reflect the actual plan features, or the specific products and services offered by each company

Products and Services

Aside from web hosting, all three companies offer additional products and services that compliment their web hosting packages. The following is a list of the products and services provided by each company:


  • Payment Processing Services
  • SSL Security Certificates
  • Online Marketing
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Custom Design
  • Reseller Services


  • SSL Security Certificates
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Site Design


  • Design Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Site Setup Services

According to the above list, it appears as if CoreCommerce has the most to offer. However, it should be noted that this information cannot depict the specific features of these products and services.

Web Hosting Features

To get an accurate assessment of the features provided by each company, it would be best to compare the features of a specific hosting plan that is offered by each company. For this example, we will compare the Basic plan (CoreCommerce), Silver plan (BigCommerce), and Bronze plan (Volusion), all of which are equal in price (costing around $40).

CoreCommerce Basic Plan :

  • 500 Products
  • 4GB Bandwidth
  • 325 MB Disk Space
  • $50 Google Adwords Credit

BigCommerce Bronze Plan :

  • 500 Products
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • 300MB Disk Space
  • $50 Google Adwords Credit

Volusion Bronze Plan :

  • 250 Products
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • $50 Google Adwords Credit

By the above comparison we can see that offers the most features core features for the same amount of money, except for the disk space department, in which Volusion takes the lead with 500MB disk space. All three companies guarantee 99 percent uptime and they all offer Google Adwords coupons with every plan.

Customer Service

The customer service offer by each company is considered top-notch, which is one of the reasons why these three are above every other eCommerce hosting provider. All of them provide 24 hour customer service through phone, email and online chat, so it is easy to get a problem solved if one were to occur. BigCommerce appears to have the most comprehensive knowledgebase, so people that like to solve problems on their own may find this desirable. Regardless, all three companies offer outstanding support, so this should not be a factor when making an honest comparison.


The company you pick should really depend upon your personal needs as a webmaster. If you have a massive eCommerce site then you may want to consider BigCommerce. If you are new to eCommerce hosting and you need some help with site design and marketing, then Volusion may be the best choice. CoreCommerce is an overall balanced solution that gives you some of both words, but as always each company has their strong points.

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22nd July 2010
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