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BlueHost vs. Yahoo

What does BlueHost and Yahoo have in common? Both are well established web hosting providers that specialize in affordable solutions. While Yahoo has done a fabulous job branding itself as a web giant, BlueHost has excelled in the hosting business and stands as one of the most recognizable names in the industry. If you have struggled between these two heavyweights, rest assured that you are not alone because they top the lists of many prospective customers. Drawing a conclusion isn’t easy, but this comparison should help you make a better informed decision.

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Yahoo has settled in on the affordable hosting market with services that are available for a very competitive price. Although what you pay all depends on how long you sign up, the lowest price for Yahoo Small Business is $7.96 per month. This price is good for the first three months and then it adjusts to the regular price of $9.95 a month. Hosting with BlueHost is more affordable as its all-in-one solution starts from just $6.95. Although you will pay a little more with Yahoo, both hosts deliver exceptional value for your money.

Products and Services

For years, the biggest knock of BlueHost has been its lack of variety. The company only has a single plan to offer and while it is loaded with features, it isn’t very scalable as the window for upgrades is very minimal. Yahoo on the other hand, entices you by placing a nice variety of products and services beside its web hosting solution. Among these offerings are domain registration, search engine marketing, e-commerce hosting and email hosting services. When considering what these solutions have to offer individually, Yahoo has the clear advantage in this regard.

Web Hosting Features

BlueHost and Yahoo both offer some of the most highly sought after features on the hosting marketplace. You get tons of email accounts, webmail, PHP programming and a wide variety of software scripts. BlueHost has the edge in the free program department thanks to Fantastico and its bundle of more than 50 scripts. However, Yahoo provides far more tools to help you promote your site. It allows you to easily submit your site to all the major search engines, provides documentation on site promotion and even helps you send out an announcement regarding the launch of your site via email. Also included are various tools for analyzing your traffic, keywords and rankings in the top three search engines.

Customer Service

BlueHost and Yahoo excel in the area of customer service. However, Yahoo’s main source of contact is phone while BlueHost allows you to get help in many different ways. For example, you can send the company an email, open up a support ticket or chat with an agent in real-time via live chat. Yahoo does pick up some slack in the support department with online documentation to help you find your own answers.


When your choice is narrowed down to respected hosting providers such as BlueHost and Yahoo, there is really no such thing as making a wrong decision. We strongly recommend examining these hosts a little closer to match up their offerings with your particular needs.

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11th August 2009
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