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BlueHost vs.

BlueHost vs.

BlueHost and have been around the block in the web hosting game. Collectively, they power millions of websites and have helped a countless number of customers find their way online. While similar from the aspects of quality and reliability, BlueHost and are two distinct web hosts, boasting differences that will ultimately help you decide which is right for you.

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BlueHost and separate themselves apart considerably in the price department. Though not always the cheapest, BlueHost has always offered a competitive price on its service. BlueHost offers an affordable rate of $6.95 per month. Hosting with is higher, starting from $11.95 per month. This price gets you your choice of hosting plans on a Windows or Linux platform. While certainly rich in functionality, the plans are geared towards developers and lack many of the features you will find in the BlueHot deal.

Products and Services has a lot more to offer in regard to products and services. You can choose from the developers packages mentioned above, e-commerce hosting, domain name registration and hosted Microsoft Exchange for your business messaging endeavors. also has a website design service along with solutions to help optimize your site for the search engines and market it to boost sales. BlueHost only gives you a single plan to select from as no other services are currently available. However, this single package is capable of suiting the needs of most individuals and small businesses.

Web Hosting Features

Let’s first talk about the developer-friendly features has to offer. For Linux, you get the latest versions of Perl, PHP and Python, MySQL databases and Shell Access. If Windows, is your flavor, you receive Classic ASP, ASP.NET and AJAX.NET, MS SQL databases and support for Microsoft Silverlight. BlueHost is no slouch either with features such as FrontPage extensions, FTP access and multiple user accounts, multimedia support and a complete email system equipped with webmail, autoresponders and all. Both provide you with free tools to build your site along with all the bandwidth and disk storage you need.

Customer Service

BlueHost and are both stellar in the area of customer service. You can count on 24/7 support when signing up with either of these companies. Both allow you to get in contact with them via phone, email and make various other resources available to you as well. Though BlueHost offers a little more in terms of online documentation, makes sure its knowledgeable staff members are always around to lend a hand.


When it comes down to it, BlueHost and are two companies you can depend on to tend to your hosting needs. These hosts know what it takes to survive in the fiercely competitive online realm and provide you with the tools it takes to be successful as well. If we had to make a decision on price value alone, it would have to be BlueHost hands down. The service is always affordable and if you catch these guys at the right time, you could come away with a steal of a deal.

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