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BlueHost vs. LunarPages

Choosing a web host to meet the needs of your website is never an easy assignment. This is especially the case when you have narrowed down your choice to well known, reliable providers like BlueHost and LunarPages. These companies have been in the business for some time now and are quite established, evidenced by their legions of loyal customers. Because these are two hosts you will likely encounter during your quest for service, we have provided an in-depth comparison for your review.

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Basing your decision on price is never a bad idea, especially when it is attached to a dependable service. The services of BlueHost and LunarPages have cost savings written all over them so you are sure to get a great bargain. Hosting with BlueHost has always been reasonable at only $6.95 per month. LunarPages is in the same ballpark, yet offers additional savings, with a simple and powerful hosting package for only $4.95 per month. The best thing about both solutions is their ability to suit the needs of personal users and small businesses alike.

Products and Services

When compared to LunarPages, BlueHost is lacking severely in terms of its offerings. A prime example of this is that the host only has a single web hosting plan to choose from. LunarPages on the other hand, delivers the goods and then some. Its extensive portfolio includes shared hosting on Windows and Linux platforms, VPS hosting solutions, dedicated servers, reseller accounts and domain name registration to name a few. LunarPages also has a popular package known as Quicksite, which allows you to host everything from a personal blog to an online storefront. This is definitely the place to go if you plan to do some serious shopping.

Web Hosting Features

There is certainly no shortage of features on the market and these two hosts are living proof. Whether it is BlueHost or LunarPages, you are sure to get a wealth of features that can really go a long way in establishing your web presence. Both provide you with powerful tools as PHP and Perl as well as Ruby and MySQL databases. The best quality these two hosts have in common is the mighty cPanel, the most preferred hosting control panel on the market. This means that regardless of what company you choose, you are sure to have an easy ride when it comes to maintaining your website. cPanel is incredibly easy to use and makes its simple to perform various daily tasks.

Customer Service

BlueHost and LunarPages consistently rank high in the area of support. Dedicated to their customers, both provide 24/7 support to ensure you can get help whenever you need it. Feel free to pick up the phone and call either company anytime or simply refer to the live chat feature or support ticket system. From video tutorials to FAQs and knowledge bases, these world-class hosting providers make sure you are never alone with your hosting account.


You simply cannot go wrong when choosing either BlueHost or LunarPages. Both can help you build your web presence and achieve online success. LunarPages does have the advantage in both the cost and features department. Therefore, LunarPages reigns victorious in this battle.

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22nd August 2009
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