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BlueHost vs. InMotion Hosting

BlueHost and InMotion Hosting are two world-class companies that consistently top hosting reviews throughout the web. While there excellent reputations serve as a definite plus, it also makes it extremely difficult to decide just which host offers the best service for your needs. To this end, it is our hope that this informative comparison should make it a bit easier to determine a winner.


BlueHost has been able to remain alive on the fiercely competitive market by coupling its reliable web hosting service with a low price. While not the cheapest out there, its plan is definitely affordable as it starts from just $6.95 per month. Although InMotion has a number of different solutions available, its most comparable plan is also only $6.95 a month. Both of these hosts are evidence that you don’t have to spend a lot to get yourself a top-quality hosting solution.

Products and Services

If you are looking for a web host that offers a vast selection, we can tell you now that BlueHost probably isn’t your flavor. This company has a single plan available that while loaded, is limited to customers with modest personal or small business needs. InMotion gives you several more options with traditional shared hosting packages, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. It also has plans tailored made for personal and business customers as well as a website management service for those who are not up for day to day administrative tasks.

Web Hosting Features

BlueHost and InMotion provide you with all the features customers are currently demanding on the market. Some of the most notable include a free domain name, multiple email and FTP accounts, and a wealth of free software programs. Because both hosts utilize cPanel, all of these add-on programs can be easily installed through your control panel. Enhancing your web presence is just as click away with popular open-source applications such as WordPress, phpBB and Mambo at your disposal. Both companies are similar in the feature department, but the biggest difference as that BlueHost gives you more databases to work with and allows you to host unlimited domains. While these features are obtainable with InMotion Hosting, you will have to pay a little more every month in order to get them.

Customer Service

Whether its BlueHost or InMotion, you are sure to get a quality hosting solution equipped with excellent support. Both provide a combination of ways to contact that experts behind the scenes, including email, live chat and toll-free phone. You also have access to getting started guides, knowledge bases and video tutorials to help you along the way. These companies have designed their help centers to provide the around the clock support you need to make it with a website.


The best way to choose between BlueHost and InMotion Hosting is to base the decision on your particular needs. This only makes sense when considering that InMotion can go places BlueHost simply can’t. When following this recommendation, you are sure to come out a winner regardless of which hosting provider you select.

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1st August 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting
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