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BlueHost vs. DreamHost

BlueHost vs. DreamHost

As web hosting providers are concerned, BlueHost and DreamHost have a lot in common. Both got their start around the same time and have some of the largest client bases in the web hosting arena. If you are looking for reliable, top-notch services, these two hosts can provide it, but which is the best? We will try to help you draw a conclusion with our comparison.

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In general, BlueHost and DreamHost have essentially been on a level playing field when it comes to price. Whereas BlueHost has remain consistent at $6.95 per month, DreamHost has gone up in price, increasing the cost from $5.95 to $8.95 per month. Hopefully this price will adjust back down, but as it stands now, BlueHost is definitely the more affordable option.

Products and Services

These two world-class heavyweights are pretty similar in terms of their offerings but DreamHost has a slight edge. On top of affordable shared hosting, DreamHost has some highly scalable, uniquely packaged virtual private server solutions. BlueHost keeps things simple with one hosting plan designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike. Excluding the VPS packages, their web hosting solutions are very comparable.

Web Hosting Features

Whether it is BlueHost or DreamHost, you are sure to get a package loaded up with all the most highly sought after features on the market. Both provide you with unlimited email accounts, the ability to host unlimited domains on a single account, and unlimited supplies of disk storage and bandwidth. These hosting plans are developer-friendly with features like PHP, Perl and Python as well MySQL databases, server side includes and Shell Access. BlueHost and DreamHost both provide you with a host of free software applications that can easily be incorporated into your hosting environment. All it takes is a few simple clicks to install programs such as WordPress, Joomla and phpBB.

Customer Service

The area in which BlueHost and DreamHost differ the most is customer support. While DreamHost is serviceable in this regard, it can certainly do better. DreamHost offers support via email, discussion form and an informative wiki. In order to get assistance via phone, you must pay an additional $9.95 a month, which is limited to three call-backs per month. With BlueHost, you can get responsive support in a number of ways, including email, live chat support ticket and most importantly, toll-free phone. DreamHost doesn’t appear to be losing customers over it, but having the ability to get someone on the phone at all times is certainly a major plus.


If we had to recommend a company from this comparison, it would have to be BlueHost. While extremely reliable and of great quality, DreamHost’s decision to raise its price isn’t necessarily a popular move in this economy. On top of that, the support leaves a little to be desired even though many customers seem to be managing just fine.

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