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BlueHost vs. Dotster

BlueHost vs. Dotster

BlueHost and Dotster are two of the most successful hosting companies on the web hosting scene. While BlueHost is amongst the most established hosts in the industry, Dotster is one of the largest domain registrars in the world, currently holding more than 3 million domains and counting. These hosting heavyweights have definitely earned their keep, but which is right for your needs? We will try to help you make a determination with this comparison.


Cost savings are guaranteed when shopping with either BlueHost or Dotster. BlueHost is appropriately prices at $6.95 per month. Dotster’s package is very attractive, at only $5.75 a month. The big difference is that BlueHost’s solution is designed to satisfy the needs of personal users and those looking to start a business online while Dotster’s entry-level is geared towards individuals.

Products and Services

As a prominent domain name registrar, you can expect Dotster to have more to offer than BlueHost. Not only can you get a domain name and web hosting package with Dotster, but also a professional website design and VPS hosting. In addition , the company has a nice variety of domain services to help efficiently manage and secure your web identity. BlueHost has a single hosting package to choose from and as now, no additional products or services are available.

Web Hosting Features

While both are competitive, BlueHost has a clear advantage in the feature department. You are provided with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and the luxury to run as many sites as you want on a single account. You also have server-side programming tools with PHP, Perl and Python as well powerful back-end database support with MySQL. BlueHost package is loaded up with tons of free scripts, allowing you to instantly enhance your web presence. You can really made some knows with programs such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and several more. Although Dotster offers many of the same features, it gives you notably less.

Customer Service

BlueHost and Dotster are both solid and the support department, but not equal. With BlueHost, you get responsive, 24/7 support regardless of what time of day or night. You have access to toll-free phone, live chat, support ticket and tons of online documentation. Dotser offers an informative knowledge base, video tutorials and support for specific products. However, its phone support is limited to traditional business hours. This could prove to be a disadvantage if you find yourself in a jam.


Choosing between BlueHost and Dotster is just a hard decision because both have such great reputations in the industry. You don’t have to pay a lot with either and both can assure you a highly reliable service. Although Dotster has more in its portfolio, when it comes down to pound for pound web hosting, we have to say that BlueHost has a slight edge. Despite this outcome, you will turn to be the winner regardless of who you choose.

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