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1&1 (UK) VS Heart Internet

1&1 (UK) VS Heart Internet

As far as the UK is concerned, both 1&1 and Heart Internet are among the top ten hosting companies in the region. On the surface, they appear to be very similar in their web hosting offerings. A bit of digging, however, shows their slight differences to help you make a clear choice for your hosting needs.

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Comparatively, 1&1 will give you more bang for your money if bandwidth is an issue. On the other hand, if you need a lot of space for your business website, Heart Internet’s Business Pro plan with unlimited space has 1&1 beat. 1&1 has more web hosting plans to choose from, as well as offers for both Windows and Linux based accounts. Both offer low pricing and ample space, depending upon your web site requirements. 1&1 hosting has five plans ranging from as low as £1.99 to £11.99 for the first six months. At Heart Internet, there are three plans ranging from £2.49 to £10.75 monthly. The downside with 1&1 hosting at this time is the doubling of pricing after six months.

Products and Services

Both 1&1 and Heart Internet offer server hosting. 1&1 offers both dedicated and virtual server hosting, whereas Heart Internet offers only dedicated server accounts. With that said, and depending on your needs, Heart Internet also has reseller accounts available, where 1&1 does not offer this service. When it comes to operating systems, Heart Internet offers only Linux accounts with web hosting accounts. 1&1 offers both Windows and Linux with both its server and hosting plans.

Both companies offer shared and non-shared SSL certificate options should you require this for your business. 1&1 incorporates this into the monthly charge, whereas Heart Internet offers their non-shared SSL option for a separate cost of £149.00 yearly.

Web Hosting Features

In light of web hosting features, you’ll find that both 1&1 and Heart Internet offer you just about everything you need to ensure your website’s success. Heart Internet has a bit of a leg up in their features by offering a dynamic assortment of website templates, banners, logos, photos and website art images. If you are looking for content management programs, blogging programs, web calendars, Ruby and Rails or other bells and whistles to enhance your site, Heart Internet also excels in this regard. If you’re an “old pro” in the website building business, 1&1 offers all that you need. However, if you need something with more design and development tools at your fingertips, Heart Internet would be your best bet.

Customer Service

Both companies offer several avenues for customer service. Email and phone support, as well as online FAQ’s and guidelines, are available on both sites. Heart Internet offers live chat online and 1&1 offers 24×7 technical support by phone. As 1&1 has been around for a few more years, they seem to come out slightly ahead in customer service. Overall, customer service is great with both companies.


1&1 and Heart Internet are both solid, reliable hosting companies. In making the choice between the two, what seems to stand out is whether you need a company that will help you more with getting your website setup or if your requirements are a little less on the “hand-holding” side. 1&1 is perfect for those who’ve been around hosting for a bit. Heart Internet is the recommendation if you need a bit more help in getting started. Both have excellent tools and features to offer to all.

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6th October 2009
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