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Your Online Business and Google Buzz

Your Online Business and Google Buzz

A recent announcement and release of Google Buzz carried in it a statement of the company’s intentions to make the new social media application one that would be available to businesses and schools already using Google Apps. Google added that the new application would add in features making sharing easy and possible within organizations.

Social Media Successes

The advent of social media has been a veritable boon for many businesses, both online and off. The successful application of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook within many businesses standard practices has been proven with a number of companies – Comcast, Burger King, and Starbucks are just a few who have integrated social media into their everyday business practices.

Buzz’s fit

So where does Google Buzz fit into all of this? Google Buzz offers content sharing. Through micro-blog postings, e-mail, comments and much more, Google Buzz allows a quick and easy way for participants to share with others they are following or e-mailing. Business managers can log onto their Gmail account and quickly share company announcements, product or service updates, or even engage directly with current or prospective customers.

While Twitter led the way in micro-blogging for both individuals and organizations, Google Buzz does not carry the 140 character restrictions like the micro-blogging company has. This allows business owners to disseminate comprehensive data and information complete with video add-ins, imagery, links and more.

One Downside

The one sticky part of Google Buzz is the necessity of actually owning a Gmail account. For many businesses, having to create a new e-mail account and run with the new social media service might be a bit too late in the game for them. Having to shift customers and clients over in sufficient numbers to justify the use of the new service may not be the best business move for many already established with other forms of social media.

Business owners opting to use Google Buzz need to be aware and take care when marketing services and products through the social media service. Clear and concise information should be presented along with the general premise that customers and clients can easily share their comments, concerns and feedback on the go.

The Pluses

On the plus side of items offered by the new service, a great feature of Google Buzz is the ability to send updates to large groups of customers or clients either publicly or privately (an option also offered by Facebook). Another plus to the utilization of Google Buzz is that it gives the customer the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard. Making the customers feel valued goes a long way in achieving success with one’s on-line brand.

As more and more people join to take part in socialization and in accessing data and information available on-line, it behooves companies and organizations to take advantage of the customer relations possibilities. Some of the biggest and brightest have already jumped on board. A business utilizing a service such as Google Buzz stands to increase customer responsiveness, garner new business, and discover new and interesting ways to impart new information and products to the viewing public.

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18th March 2010
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