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Windows Reseller Hosting vs. Unix Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting vs. Unix Reseller Hosting

The web hosting market has evolved to a new level of competitiveness and the reseller sector is no different. Reseller hosting is an arrangement where an individual purchases a predefined package from a web hosting company and then sells hosting plans to their own customers. Many have used this platform to become very successful, some earning enough revenue to become prominent web hosts. Just as with most forms of web hosting, Unix and Windows are two of the major players in the reseller market. Which platform is better? Let’s find out.

Windows Reseller Hosting

The Windows operating system is known for its power and comprehensive tools. From the desktop setting to the server environment, it has always been valued for its user-friendliness. Most Windows reseller accounts come included with ASP or ASP.NET, powerful development tools that allow you to create dynamic web pages and applications. Other tools commonly offered are products such as ActiveSync and SharePoint, both of which are great for marketing and enjoying steady income from your reseller account. In most cases, you are also provided with MS SQL, an efficient database management system that allows you to organize and analyze essential business data. Additionally, this platform provides comprehensive development tools to your clients such as FrontPage extensions for simple web design and a control panel such as Helm or Plesk.

Unix Reseller Hosting

The Unix operating system is best known for stability and out of the box security. Unlike Windows, Unix has been used primarily in the network setting opposed to the desktop environment. Although it is compatible with a few Windows components, Unix mainly supports various open-source technologies. Instead of ASP, a Unix reseller account typically offers programming languages such as PHP or Perl. Instead of MS SQL, the database tool for this platform is usually Postgre SQL or MySQL, the most widely installed system in the world. In most cases, a Unix reseller hosting plan will come included with a control panel such as Web Host Manager. WHM gives you the ability to offer cPanel to your hosting customers which allows them to easily incorporate a wealth of other open-source programs. The Unix platform is suited for demanding operations and ideal for multiple domain hosting, which is what you need for reselling.

So, what’s the difference? The major difference between these two systems is the supported technologies. The Windows platform thrives off Microsoft products while Unix is largely supported by the open-source market. Though traditionally more expensive, the web hosting industry is so competitive that Windows hosting packages are typically just as affordable as its long time rival. At one time security was also an issue for the Microsoft platform. However, the recent edition of Windows Server 2008 has made the Windows system one of the most secure platforms on the market.

Windows vs. Unix always makes a good debate but the best platform for your reseller account may not be either – it just could be Linux. Based on the original Unix system, Linux is primed for the web hosting environment and the first choice for many resellers. HostGator offers one of the best reseller deals on the market with plans as low as $24.95 per month. This package offers great value and more than enough features for you and your hosting customers.

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2 Responses to “Windows Reseller Hosting vs. Unix Reseller Hosting”

  1. EasyHost says:

    Unix reseller is far cheaper than windows one. The windows hosting always suck because the expensive in license while the security is a doubt. There are holes that malware geeks love to put them to windows like a mind field.

    Linux Linux Linux Linux

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  2. David John Williams says:


    I have two questions with regard to your reseller hosting packages.

    1) How can I make sure that my customers will not be able to send bulk emails ?

    2) Is it possible to set an SMTP limit via the control panel or do you already have one in place?

    Thank you.

    David John Williams

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