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Why You Need a Good Control Panel

Most web hosting companies offer control panels to give clients complete control of their web sites. A quality control panel is the ultimate solution for managing your website as it allows you to manage email accounts, domain names, templates, web statistics, databases, e-commerce tools and more. Understanding that a fair share of their clients are not technically inclined, many web hosts provide the most intuitive software with user friendly interfaces. To the inexperienced user, a good control panel is simply invaluable.

Optimizing Your Web Hosting Experience

There are many control panels available and different hosting providers offer different software with their packages. Control panels like cPanel and vDeck are well known for their ease of use. Both have simple designs presented on graphical user interfaces. Most of them come included with tutorials and help wizards that guide you through the process of managing your site. When learning the ins and outs of the control panel, you will have the ability to optimize your site with one-click site builders, FTP clients, MySQL databases, blogs and much more. Control panels like cPanel come included with a number of programming scripts and web-based applications that can increase the appearance and functionality of your site.

Choosing a Control Panel

Considering the benefits, a control panel is a must for anyone looking to pay for a web hosting service. Different companies use different software so it is important to know exactly what program is being offered. Determining which control panel software is right for you depend on what it is that your website requires. Many of them are very similar, but may place more or less emphasis on specific scripts and applications.

Regardless of the software, there are a few things to look for in any control panel:

Interface Graphics: Some web hosting companies offer a demo version of their control panel. This is a great way to make yourself familiar with the program interface before purchasing service, especially if you’re switching from one host to another.

Compatibility: Make sure that the control panel provided by the web host is able to support the operating system you’re using. Most companies support the Windows platform while others are targeted towards Linux and Mac OS X. Even if a server is able to support Windows, it may not function as well on your Apple computer.

One That Meets Your Needs: There are many things that can be done with a website and it’s all made easy with a good control panel. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to web hosting or an experienced web designer, a quality control panel program gives you the power create dynamic content with a professional appeal.

Keep in mind that a popular control panel like cPanel may cost you a bit more so accessing your needs is critical. From there, the additional features can be viewed as a plus.
Available Control Panels

To assist in your mission of finding a reliable control panel we have list four programs that are offered with most web hosting packages today.





Enhance your web hosting experience with control panels provided by the following companies:
FatCow, BlueHost and LunarPages

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3rd July 2008
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